Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

AurB S10-p
AurB S10-p , S28-p
AurC S10-p
MSK1 S10-p , S28-p
MSK1 S10-p , S28-p
RSK2 S10-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

AurB S10-p , S28-p
Chk1 S10-p , T11-p
ERK2 S10-p
MSK1 S10-p , S28-p
MSK2 S10-p , K14-ac
MST2 S10-p , S28-p
P38A S10-p
RSK2 S10-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
PPP1CB S10-p , S28-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
PPP1CA S10-p
PPP2CA S10-p
Regulatory protein:
14-3-3 zeta S10-p , K14-ac
4E-BP1 S28-p
AATF S10-p
Akt1 S28-p
Akt2 S28-p
Akt2 S28-p
AMPKA1 K9-ac , K14-ac
ATM S10-p
ATR S10-p
BRD4 K122-ac
CDC25A S10-p
EED K27-m3
EGFR S28-p
ER-alpha S10-p
ER-beta S10-p
ERK2 S10-p
EZH2 K27-m3
HDAC1 K9-ac , K14-ac
HDAC3 K9-ac , S10-p , K14-ac
HMGN1 S10-p
HSF1 S10-p
JAK3 K9-ac , K14-ac
Jun S10-p
MAST1 S10-p
MDM2 K27-m3
MSK1 S10-p , K14-ac
MSK2 S10-p
P38A S10-p
p53 S10-p
PRMT1 K9-ac , K14-ac
RSK2 S10-p
SCML2 S10-p
SETD7 K4-m2
SKP2 S28-p
SMAD3 S10-p
Survivin S10-p , S28-p
TSC2 S28-p
6_DMAP K14-ac
adriamycin S10-p
AG1478 S28-p
anisomycin K4-m2 , K9-ac , S10-p , K14-ac , K18-ac , K23-ac , S28-p
aphidicolin S10-p , T11-p
arsenic K9-ac
bacterial infection K9-ac , S10-p , K14-ac
benzo(a)pyrene K4-m2 , K9-ac , S10-p , K14-ac
bleomycin T11-p
caffeine S10-p , K14-ac
chromium K4-m3 , K9-ac , S10-p , K14-ac
cisplatin S10-p
cocaine K9-ac , K14-ac
colcemid S10-p , S28-p
contextual fear conditioning K9-ac , K14-ac
culturing_of_cells K9-ac , K14-ac , K18-ac , K23-ac
DCA K9-ac , K14-ac , K18-ac , K23-ac
depolarization K4-m3
development K9-ac , K14-ac
dexamethasone K9-ac , K14-ac , K18-ac , K23-ac , K27-ac
DNA_binding K4-m3 , K9-ac , K27-m3
EGCG S10-p
EGF S10-p , S28-p
estradiol S10-p
fertilization K9-ac , K14-ac
H-89 K9-m3 , S10-p , K14-ac , S28-p
IFN-gamma K4-m1
IL-1a S10-p
IL-1b K4-m2
IL-4 K9-ac , K27-m3
ionizing_radiation S10-p , T11-p
JQ1 K122-ac
kaempferol S10-p
LBH-589 K27-m3
LIF S10-p , K14-ac
LPS K9-ac , S10-p , K14-ac , K27-m3
LY294002 S28-p
mechanical ventilation K9-ac , K14-ac , K18-ac , K23-ac , K27-ac
NAD_zwitterion K9-ac , K14-ac
nicotinamide K9-ac , K14-ac
nocodazole T3-p , S10-p , T11-p
okadaic_acid S10-p , K14-ac , S28-p
PD184352 S10-p , S28-p
PD98059 S10-p , K14-ac
phorbol_ester K4-m2 , K9-ac , S10-p , K14-ac , K18-ac , K23-ac , S28-p
PS078507 K9-ac , K14-ac
rapamycin S28-p
retinoic_acid K9-ac , K14-ac
SB202190 S10-p
SB203580 S10-p , K14-ac , S28-p
serum S28-p
siRNA S10-p , K14-ac
SKLB-639 K9-ac , K14-ac
splitomicin K9-ac , K14-ac
SRT1720 K9-ac , K14-ac
SRT2183 K9-ac , K14-ac
tamoxifen K27-m3
TGF-beta S10-p
TNF K4-m2 , S10-p
trichostatin_A K4-m2 , K9-ac , S10-p , K14-ac , K18-ac , K23-ac , K27-ac , S28-p , K56-ac
U0126 S10-p
UV S10-p , T11-p
virus infection K122-ac
ZM447439 S10-p , S28-p