Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

Akt1 S494-p
AMPKA1 T183-p
CAMKK1 T183-p
CAMKK2 T183-p
GSK3A T490-p
GSK3B T482-p , S486-p , T490-p
LKB1 T183-p
LKB1 T183-p
MLK3 T183-p
PKCA S496-p
PKCB S496-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

Akt1 S496-p
AMPKA1 T183-p , S360-p , T388-p , S486-p , S494-p , S496-p
BRSK1 iso2 T183-p
BRSK2 T183-p
CAMK2B T183-p
CAMKK2 T183-p
GSK3B T482-p , S486-p , T490-p
LKB1 T183-p
MLK3 T183-p
PKCA S496-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
PPM1E T183-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
PPP2CA T183-p
Regulatory protein:
Akt1 T490-p
ALDOA T183-p
AMPKA1 T183-p
ATM T183-p
CAB39 T183-p
CAMKK1 T183-p
EEF2K T183-p
EGFR T183-p
eNOS T183-p
GRK2 T183-p
HK1 T183-p
HRas T183-p
JAK2 T183-p
KLK1 T183-p
LEPR T183-p
LKB1 T183-p
LKB1 T183-p
MAGE-A6 T183-p
MAGEA3 T183-p
p27Kip1 T183-p
PKCZ T183-p
PKM iso2 T183-p
PKM T183-p
PPM1F T183-p
PPP2CA T183-p
PPP2CA T183-p
PPPM1A T183-p
SESN2 T183-p
SIRT1 T183-p
SKP2 T183-p
SOCS3 T183-p
TET2 T183-p
TIF1B T183-p
TSC1 T490-p
ULK1 T183-p
2-deoxyglucose T183-p
4-AN T183-p
4-HT T183-p
991 T183-p
9cRA T183-p
A-769662 S172-p , T183-p
A23187 T183-p
A79662 T183-p
acadesine T183-p
ADI-PEG20 T183-p
adiponectin T183-p
AG1478 T183-p
Akt_inhibitor_VIII S496-p
angiotensin_2 S496-p
apelin T183-p
apoA-I T183-p
apocynin T183-p
arcyriarubin_A T183-p
aspirin T183-p
atorvastatin T183-p
ATP T183-p
berberine T183-p
BIO T490-p
bradykinin T183-p
C2-ceramide T183-p
C5M T183-p
cAMP_analog T183-p
CCCP T183-p
cGMP_analog T183-p
CHIR99021 T490-p
cisplatin S172-p
CITCO T183-p
colforsin T183-p
compound_C T183-p
DEA-NONOate T183-p
DETA-NONOate T183-p
dexamethasone T183-p
EDTA T183-p
EGF T183-p , S496-p
etoposide T183-p
exercise T183-p
exercise training T183-p
FGF21 T183-p
fibronectin T183-p
fluid_shear_stress T183-p
fumonisin_B1 T183-p
glucose T183-p
glucose_starvation S172-p , T183-p
glutamine T183-p
Go_6983 T183-p
GSK621 T183-p
GW_9662 T183-p
H-89 T183-p
H-CHO T183-p
H2O2 T183-p
HH-F3 T183-p
high_glucose T183-p
histamine T183-p
IGF-1 T183-p
indirubin T183-p
insulin T183-p , T490-p , S494-p
ionomycin T183-p
ischemia S496-p
itraconazol T183-p
JQ1 T183-p
KT5823 T183-p
L-CHO T183-p
L-NAME T183-p
laminar flow T183-p
leptin T183-p
lithium T490-p
LPS T183-p
LY294002 T183-p
LY333531 S496-p
mannitol T183-p
meal feeding T490-p
metformin S172-p , T183-p
Mg(+2) T183-p
MG132 S496-p
MG132_withdrawal S360-p , T490-p , S496-p
miR-451 T183-p
miRNA T183-p
myocardial infarction T183-p
NAC T183-p
nicotinamide T183-p
nocodazole T183-p , S486-p , T490-p
NU7026 S172-p
ODQ T183-p
okadaic_acid T183-p
oleic_acid T183-p
oligomycin T183-p
ONOO(-) T183-p
oscillatory_flow T183-p
palmitate T183-p
palmitoleic_acid T183-p
PD153035 T183-p
PD184352 S496-p
PD98059 T183-p
PDTC T183-p
phenformin T183-p
phenobarbital T183-p
phorbol_ester S496-p
pioglitazone T183-p
PKC-zeta_inhibitor T183-p
PTIO T183-p
quercetin T183-p
racepinefrine T183-p
rapamycin T183-p
resveratrol T183-p
retinoic_acid T183-p
rosiglitazone T183-p
rotenone T183-p
S17834 T183-p
salicylate T183-p
SB203580 T183-p
selumetinib T382-p
seocalcitol T183-p
serum T490-p
simvastatin T183-p
siRNA T183-p , T490-p
SNAP T183-p
SNP T183-p
sorafenib T183-p
sorbitol T183-p
spermine T183-p
splitomicin T183-p
starvation_medium T183-p
statin T183-p
STO-609 T183-p
SU6656 T183-p
tamoxifen T183-p
thapsigargin T183-p
thrombin T183-p
thymidine S486-p , T490-p
TNF T183-p
triptolide T183-p
troglitazone T183-p
U0126 S496-p
U73122 T183-p
urofollitropin T183-p
UV T183-p
VEGF T183-p , S496-p
wortmannin T183-p , S496-p