Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

AMPKA1 S722-p , S792-p
TBK1 S877-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

TBK1 S877-p
Regulatory protein:
AMPKA1 S792-p
AMPKA2 S792-p
GLUT1 S792-p
LKB1 S792-p
Raptor S863-p
2-deoxyglucose S792-p
A-769662 S792-p
acadesine S792-p
doxycycline S792-p
EDTA S792-p
exercise S792-p
glucose S792-p
GSK2334470 S863-p
GSK650394 S863-p
high-fat diet S722-p , S792-p
IFN-gamma S859-p , S863-p
insulin S696-p , S719-p , S792-p , S863-p , S887-p
LPA S722-p
LPS S877-p
LY294002 S863-p , S887-p
mechanical stress S696-p , T706-p , S863-p
metformin S722-p , S792-p
MK-2206 S696-p , S887-p
phorbol_ester S877-p
rapamycin S696-p , T706-p , S863-p
siRNA S877-p
Torin1 S863-p
wortmannin S863-p