Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

Abl Y268-p
CDK1 S112-p , S394-p
CK2A1 S10-p , S506-p
PKCA S21-p
Regulatory protein:
PRP4 S2-p , S10-p
PTEN S10-p
UBE2H K117-sm , K153-sm
aphidicolin S10-p , S21-p , S112-p , S394-p
camptothecin K117-sm , K153-sm , S506-p
CK2_activator S506-p
CK2_inhibitor S506-p
CPT K103-sm , K117-sm , K153-sm
EGF S10-p
hydroxyurea S10-p , S21-p , S112-p , S394-p
ionizing_radiation S2-p , S10-p
nocodazole S2-p , S10-p , S21-p , S57-p , S112-p , S394-p
taxol S10-p , S21-p , S112-p , S394-p
TBB S506-p
vorinostat K262-ac , K575-ac