Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

CDK1 S394-p , S434-p , S447-p
mTOR S394-p , T412-p , S434-p
p70S6K T412-p
PDK1 T252-p , S394-p , T412-p
PIK3CA T252-p , T412-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

ERK1 S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
ERK2 S434-p
ERK2 S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
JNK1 S434-p
JNK2 S434-p
mTOR S394-p , T412-p
mTOR S394-p
NEK6 S53-p , S403-p , T412-p
PDK1 T252-p , T412-p
TBK1 T444-p , S447-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
PHLPP2 T252-p , T412-p
PHLPP T252-p , T412-p
PPP1CC T412-p
PPP2CA T412-p
PPP2R5C T412-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
PHLPP2 T252-p , T412-p
PHLPP T252-p , T412-p
PPP1CC T412-p
PPP2R5C T412-p
Regulatory protein:
ACSL4 T412-p
AKAP13 T412-p
AKAP8L T412-p
Akt1 T412-p
Akt2 T412-p
Akt3 T412-p
AMPKA1 T412-p
AP2M1 T412-p
ARF GAP1 T412-p
ARL8B T412-p
ATF-4 T412-p
ATG13 T412-p
ATG5 T412-p
CIP2A T412-p
CK1E T412-p
CLTC T412-p
DDIT4L T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
DDIT4 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
DDX48 T412-p
DEPDC5 T412-p
DJ-1 T412-p
DUSP6 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
DYRK3 T412-p
EWS T412-p
FAK T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
FGFR1 T412-p
FLCN T412-p
FLI1 T412-p
FOXO1A S394-p , T412-p
FRS2 T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
GCK T412-p
GSK3A T412-p
GSK3B T412-p
HERC1 T412-p
HGK T412-p
HMGCL T412-p
HMOX1 T412-p
hnRNP D0 T412-p
HPK1 T412-p
HRas T412-p
HSF1 T412-p
IKKA T412-p
JMJD1A T412-p
JMJD1B T412-p
KHS2 T412-p
LAMTOR1 T412-p
LAMTOR2 T412-p
LAMTOR3 T412-p
LARS T412-p
LATS1 T412-p
LATS2 T412-p
LKB1 T444-p
LST8 T412-p
MAGE-A6 T412-p
MAGEA3 T412-p
Merlin T412-p
MINK T412-p
MKK6 T412-p
Mnk1 T412-p
MST1 T412-p
MST2 T412-p
mTOR T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
Notch 1 T412-p
NRF2 T412-p
OSBPL9 T412-p
p27Kip1 T412-p
P38A T412-p
p53 T412-p
p70S6K T412-p
PCAF K516-ac
PDCD6 T444-p
PIK3C2B T412-p
PIK3R1 T444-p , S447-p
PIK3R2 T444-p , S447-p
PINK1 T412-p
PKCA T412-p
PKD1 T412-p
PKM iso2 T412-p
PKM T412-p
PLK1 T412-p
PPP1CC T412-p
PPP2CA T252-p , T412-p
PPP2R5A T412-p
PPP3CA T412-p
PRAS40 iso3 T412-p
PRAS40 T412-p
PRKD1 T412-p
PTEN T412-p
RAF1 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
RAG1 T412-p
Raptor T412-p
Ret T412-p
RFX7 T412-p
RHEB T412-p
RMP T412-p
RRAGA T412-p
RRAGB T412-p
RRAGC T412-p
SAV1 T412-p
SESN2 T412-p
SESN3 S394-p
SHIP T444-p , S447-p
Sin1 T412-p
SKAR T412-p
SLC1A5 T412-p
SLC23A1 T412-p
SLC23A2 T412-p
SLC3A2 T412-p
SLC7A5 T412-p
SMAD2 T412-p
SMAD3 T412-p
SMAD4 T412-p
SMPD3 T412-p
SPRY2 T412-p
TBK1 T444-p , S447-p
TRAF2 T412-p
TRAF4 T412-p
TRIM7 T412-p
TSC1 T412-p
TSC1 T252-p , T412-p , S434-p
TSC2 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
TSC2 T252-p , T412-p , S434-p
ULK1 T252-p , T412-p
ULK2 T412-p
WWTR1 T412-p
YAP1 T412-p
ZNF289 T412-p
1,25_dihydroxyvitamin_D T412-p
1,25D T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
1-azakenpaullone T412-p
1-butanol T444-p , S447-p
17-beta-estradiol T412-p
2-deoxyglucose T412-p , S447-p
3-Methyladenine T412-p
4-HT T412-p
5(S)-HETE T412-p
5-cholesten-5-beta-ol T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
8-CPT-2Me-cAMP T412-p
A-443654 T412-p
A6730 T412-p
acadesine T412-p
acetominophen T412-p
actinomycin_D T444-p , S447-p
AEE788 T444-p , S447-p
AG1024 T412-p
AG1296 T412-p
AG1478 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
AG490 T412-p
Akt-I-1,2 T412-p
alkaline pH T252-p , T412-p
alpelisib T252-p , T412-p
ALW-II-41-27 T412-p
amino_acid_starvation T252-p , T412-p
amino_acids T252-p , T412-p
angiotensin T412-p
angiotensin_2 T412-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p
anisomycin T412-p
antibody T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
apelin T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
APV T412-p
AR-A014418 T412-p
argimesna T412-p
arginine deprivation T412-p
arsenite T412-p , K516-ac
As2O3 T444-p , S447-p
ascorbic_acid T412-p
Asparagine T412-p
aspirin T412-p
ATP T412-p
AZD2014 T412-p
AZD8055 T412-p
BafA1 T412-p
BAPTA-AM T444-p , S447-p
Benzyl Isothiocyanate T412-p
bisindolylmaleimide T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
blood pressure T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
BMS-754807 T412-p
calyculin_A T412-p
cannabidiol T412-p
carbachol T412-p
cariporide T412-p
CBHA T412-p
CBL0137 T412-p
Cbz-B3A T412-p
CGP57380 T412-p
CHIR99021 T412-p
chloroquine T412-p
cholesterol_oxidase T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
colforsin T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
compound S-4 T412-p
compound_C T412-p
copanlisib T412-p
CPD-18 T412-p
cycloheximide T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
dabrafenib T412-p
dactolisib T412-p
DAMGO T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
deferoxamine T412-p
depolarization T412-p
dexamethasone T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
DG2 T412-p
dinoprost T412-p , T444-p
dovitinib T412-p
doxycycline T412-p
EGF T252-p , T412-p , S434-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p
EGTA T252-p , S427-p , S434-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p
endothelin T412-p
ephrin_A1 T412-p
Epo T412-p
erlotinib T412-p
estradiol T412-p
ethanol T412-p
exercise T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
FCCP T412-p
FGF1 T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
FGF2 T412-p
fibronectin T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
Filipin T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
fingolimod T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
FK506 T252-p , T412-p , S427-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
fluoromethylketone T412-p
Ganetespib T412-p
GDNF T412-p
gefitinib S243-p , T250-p , T252-p
GF109203X T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
glucose T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
glucose_starvation T412-p
glutamic acid T412-p
glutamine T412-p
GM-CSF T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
Go_6796 T412-p
GSK-626616 T412-p
GSK690693 T412-p
H-89 T412-p
H2O2 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p , K516-ac
HCQ T412-p
herbimycin_A T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
heregulin T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
high_cell_density T412-p
high_glucose T412-p
histamine T444-p , S447-p
HMTBA T412-p
HPLM T412-p
hypertonic_buffer T444-p , S447-p
IBMX T412-p
IFN-alpha T444-p , S447-p
IFN-beta T444-p , S447-p
IFN-gamma T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
IGF-1 T252-p , T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p , K516-ac
IL-6 T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
imatinib T248-p , T256-p , T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
indometacin T412-p
infigratinib T412-p
INK-128 T412-p
insulin T252-p , S394-p , T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p , K516-ac
ionizing_radiation T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
ionomycin T412-p
ischemia S427-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p
itraconazol T412-p
JQ1 T412-p
kb_NB_142-70 T412-p
KP-372-1 T412-p
KP-372-2 T412-p
KU-0063794 T412-p
L-744,832 T412-p
L-glutamine_withdrawal T412-p
L-methionine T412-p
laminar flow T412-p
lapatinib T412-p
latrunculin_B T412-p
LB-100 T412-p
leucine T412-p
leucine_deprivation T412-p
linsitinib T412-p
liothyronine T412-p
lithium T412-p
long-term_potentiation T412-p
low_glucose T412-p
LPA T412-p
LPS T412-p
LY-2584702 T412-p
LY294002 T252-p , T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p , K516-ac
meal feeding T412-p
medium change T252-p , T412-p
mepyramine T444-p , S447-p
metformin T412-p
methyl-beta-cyclodextrin T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
methylxanthine T252-p , T412-p , S427-p , S434-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p
MG132 T412-p
MHY1485 T412-p
mifepristone T412-p
miR-451 T412-p
MK-2206 T252-p , T412-p
monensin T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
monodansylcadaverine T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
MS275 T412-p
NAC T412-p
naloxone T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
NBQX T412-p
NH4Cl T412-p
nifedipine T412-p
nilotinib T412-p
nitric_oxide T412-p
NKH_477 T412-p
NMDA T412-p
nocodazole T412-p , S434-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p , S452-p
NSC-45586 T412-p
nutlin-3A T412-p
obesity T412-p
okadaic_acid T412-p
oscillatory_flow T412-p
OSI-027 T412-p
osteopontin S394-p , T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
OSU-03012 T252-p
palbociclib T412-p
palmitate T412-p
PD184352 T444-p , S447-p
PD90059 T444-p , S447-p
PD98059 T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
PDGF T412-p , T444-p , S447-p , K516-ac
pemetrexed T412-p
peptide inhibitor T252-p , T412-p
PF-04691502 T412-p
PF-670462 T412-p
phorbol_ester T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
PI-103 T412-p
picropodophyllin T412-p
pictilisib T412-p , T444-p
pimenta doica T412-p
PKC_inhibitor_myristoylated T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
PKI-402 T412-p
PP1 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
PP2 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
PP242 T412-p
pregnancy T412-p
PTX T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
purvalanol S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
QLT0254 T412-p
RAD001 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
rapalink1 T412-p
rapamycin T252-p , S394-p , T412-p , S427-p , S434-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p , S452-p , K516-ac
resveratrol T412-p
retinoic_acid T412-p , T444-p
RGD T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
Ro31-8425 T444-p , S447-p
rosiglitazone T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
rottlerin T412-p
salicylate T412-p
SAM T412-p
SB202190 T412-p , S434-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p
SB203580 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
SB216763 T412-p
SB431542 T412-p
SCF T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
SCH772984 T412-p
seliciclib S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
seocalcitol T412-p
serum T252-p , S394-p , T412-p , S427-p , S434-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p , K516-ac
serum_starvation T252-p , T412-p
serum_withdrawal T412-p
SGI-1027 T412-p
SGI-1776 T412-p
SH-6 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
SII_angiotensin_2 S441-p , T444-p , S447-p
sildenafil T412-p
silmitasertib T412-p
simvastatin T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
siRNA T252-p , T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
sorafenib T412-p
sorbitol T412-p , K516-ac
SP600125 T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
sphingosine_1-phosphate T412-p
starvation T412-p
sulforaphane T412-p
t-butanol T444-p , S447-p
taxol T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
temsirolimus T412-p
TGF-beta T412-p
thapsigargin T412-p
thioperamide T444-p , S447-p
thrombin T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
tioguanine T412-p
tiotidine T444-p , S447-p
Torin1 T412-p , S447-p , S452-p
Trametinib T412-p
trichostatin_A K516-ac
tunicamycin T412-p
U0126 T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
U73122 T444-p , S447-p
UV T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
V-9302 T412-p
vanadate T412-p , S434-p , T444-p , S447-p
VE-821 T412-p
VEGF T444-p
vemurafenib S427-p
virus infection T252-p , T412-p , S447-p
wortmannin T252-p , S394-p , T412-p , S427-p , S434-p , S441-p , T444-p , S447-p
WYE132 T412-p
Y320 T412-p
Zn(2+) T412-p , T444-p , S447-p
ZnPPIX T412-p