Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

AurA T344-p
CAMKK2 S27-p , S47-p
CK2A1 S659-p , S661-p
HIPK2 S682-p
JAK1 Y280-p , Y301-p
JNK1 S27-p , S47-p , T530-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

AurA T344-p
CAMKK2 S27-p , S47-p
CDK1 T530-p , S540-p
CK2A1 S659-p , S661-p
HIPK2 S27-p , S682-p
JNK1 S27-p , S47-p , T530-p
Regulatory protein:
AMPKA1 T530-p , T719-p
CDK1 T530-p , S540-p
acadesine T530-p , T719-p
adriamycin S682-p
anisomycin S27-p , S47-p , T530-p
compound_C T530-p , T719-p
glucose_starvation S14-p , T530-p , T719-p
H2O2 K734-sm
IL-6 Y280-p , Y301-p
ischemia S747-p
LRRK2-IN-1 S47-p
nocodazole S47-p
PF-04965842 Y280-p , Y301-p
pulsatile shear stress S27-p , S47-p
siRNA S27-p , S47-p
SP600125 S27-p , S47-p , T530-p
STO-609 S27-p , S47-p
UV K734-sm