Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

AMPKA1 T1337-p
CK2A1 S292-p , S297-p
Src Y317-p , Y377-p , Y515-p , Y876-p , Y898-p , Y1244-p , Y1373-p , Y1487-p , Y1513-p , Y1567-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

AMPKA1 T1337-p
AurB S174-p
CK2A1 S292-p , S297-p
Src Y876-p
Regulatory protein:
BTRC S292-p , S297-p
IRGM T1337-p
PRP4 S1788-p
PYCARD T1337-p
2-deoxyglucose T1337-p
acadesine T1337-p
anti-CD3 S1298-p
BI2536 S1311-p
EGF Y876-p , S1781-p , S1784-p
imidazole Y876-p
ischemia S224-p , S1773-p , S1784-p
lapatinib S1298-p
metastatic potential S174-p , S1300-p
MLN8054 S1311-p
nigericin T1337-p
PDGF Y876-p
RO-3306 S292-p , S297-p
selumetinib S1773-p , S1784-p
SII_angiotensin_2 S1784-p
siRNA S292-p , S297-p
TBB S292-p , S297-p
thymidine S292-p , S297-p
U0126 S1318-p , Y1323-p , T1337-p
vemurafenib S1773-p , S1784-p
virus infection T1337-p