Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

Akt1 S280-p
ATM S345-p
ATR S317-p , S345-p
CDK1 S301-p
Chk1 S296-p , T378-p , T382-p
p90RSK S280-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

Akt1 S280-p
ATR S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
CDK1 S286-p , S301-p
CDK2 S286-p , S301-p
Chk1 S291-p , S296-p , S316-p , T378-p , T382-p
Cot S345-p
p90RSK S280-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
PPM1D S345-p
PPP2CA S317-p , S345-p
PPP2R2A S317-p , S345-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
PPM1D S345-p
PPP2CA S317-p , S345-p
Regulatory protein:
Akt1 S280-p , S345-p
AMBRA1 S345-p
ATM S317-p , S345-p
ATR S317-p , S345-p
BAT1 S345-p
BOD1L1 S317-p , S345-p
BRCA1 S317-p
BRCA2 S317-p
CASP2 S317-p
CCNE1 S345-p
CDC5L S345-p
CDC6 S345-p
CDCA2 S345-p
CDK1 S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
CDK2 S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
CDK5 S317-p
CDT1 S317-p , S345-p
claspin S317-p , S345-p
CLK2 S317-p
COX-2 S280-p
CRYAB S345-p
CtIP S317-p , S345-p
DAP3 S296-p
DKFZp686L1814 S317-p , S345-p
DMAP1 S317-p
DNAPK S345-p
DYRK1A S345-p
E4F1 S345-p
EDEM1 S345-p
EGFR S345-p
ER-alpha S345-p
ETAA16 S317-p
FAAP24 S317-p
FANCD2 S345-p
FANCM S317-p
FBXO44 S345-p
FBXW7 S317-p
FOXM1 S317-p , S345-p
Geminin S317-p
HDAC1 S317-p , S345-p
HDAC2 S317-p , S345-p
HDAC6 S345-p
HER2 S345-p
HRas S280-p , S345-p
HSP27 S345-p
HSPA2 S345-p
Ku70 S345-p
LSD1 S317-p
MCM3 S345-p
MCM7 S317-p , S345-p
MCPH1 S345-p
MEK1 S280-p
N-Myc S296-p , S345-p
NBS1 S317-p , S345-p
NEIL1 S345-p
NKX3-1 S345-p
NONO S345-p
OBFC2B S317-p
OTUD6A S345-p
p14ARF S345-p
p16-INK4A S317-p , S345-p
p21Cip1 S296-p , S345-p
p53 S317-p , S345-p
PARG S345-p
PCNA S345-p
PCNT S345-p
PERK S317-p , S345-p
POLH S317-p
POLK S317-p , S345-p
PPP1CA S317-p , S345-p
PPP2CA S317-p , S345-p
PPP2CB S345-p
PPP4C S345-p
PRPF19 S345-p
PRPF3 S345-p
PTEN S345-p
RAD17 S345-p
RAD9A S317-p
RNH1 S345-p
RPA1 S345-p
SAMHD1 S345-p
SIRT6 S317-p
SLFN11 S345-p
SMEK2 S345-p
SMG7 S345-p
SMG8 S317-p , S345-p
SMG9 S317-p , S345-p
syndecan-4 S345-p
TELO2 S345-p
TICRR S317-p , S345-p
Tip60 S345-p
TOPBP1 S345-p
TRAF4 S317-p , S345-p
USP28 S317-p
USP29 S317-p
vpr p15 S345-p
WDHD1 S317-p , S345-p
11,11'-dideoxyverticillin S345-p
1NM-PP1 S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
2-deoxyglucose S280-p , S317-p
680C91 S345-p
acadesine S345-p
actinomycin_D S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
adavosertib S345-p
adriamycin S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
AG1478 S345-p
alpelisib S345-p
aminothiazole_compound_25 S345-p
anisomycin S280-p
antibody S280-p
AP21967 S345-p
aphidicolin S296-p , S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
argimesna S296-p , S345-p
ATM_inhibitor S317-p
AZ20 S317-p , S345-p
AZD1775 S345-p
AZD5896 S345-p
AZD6738 S296-p , S345-p
AZD7762 S296-p , S345-p , T378-p , T382-p
B02 S345-p
Bersavine S345-p
berzosertib S317-p , S345-p
beta-lapachone S345-p
BI-D1870 S280-p , S296-p , S345-p
bleomycin S317-p , S345-p
caffeine S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
camptothecin S280-p , S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
carboplatin S317-p
carmustine S345-p
Caspase 9 inhibitor III S345-p
CBP-93872 S317-p , S345-p
cell_adhesion S317-p
Ceralasertib S317-p
cisplatin S280-p , S317-p , S345-p
compound 13 S296-p , S345-p
CPT S317-p , S345-p
cycloheximide S345-p
cytarabine S296-p
doxycycline S345-p
DPN S345-p
EGF S280-p , S345-p
Epo S345-p
erlotinib S280-p
estradiol S280-p , S345-p
Et743 S317-p
etoposide S317-p , S345-p , T378-p , T382-p
eusynstyelamide B S345-p
evofosfamide S296-p
Far-infrared S345-p
faslodex S345-p
fluorouracil S317-p , S345-p
formaldehyde S317-p
fostriecin S317-p
g_DNA S345-p
galiellalactone S345-p
gefitinib S317-p
gemcitabine S296-p , S345-p
Go_6976 S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
H2O2 S345-p
hydroxyurea S280-p , S286-p , S296-p , S301-p , S317-p , S345-p , T378-p , T382-p
hyperoxia S345-p
hypoxia S296-p , S345-p
ICRF-193 S317-p , S345-p
IGF-1 S280-p
IL-3 S345-p
insulin S280-p
ionizing_radiation S280-p , S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
ionomycin S345-p
ISRIB S345-p
KU-55933 S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
kynurenine S345-p
LB-100 S317-p , S345-p
lithium S345-p
lncRNAs S345-p
LPA S280-p
lurbinectedin S317-p
LY2606368 S345-p
LY294002 S280-p , S345-p
M4344 S345-p
MG132 S317-p , S331-p , S345-p
MG132_withdrawal S286-p , S288-p
mimosine S317-p , S345-p
miRNA S345-p
mitomycin_C S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
mitoxantrone S317-p
MK-2206 S280-p
MK-8776 S296-p , S345-p
MK1775 S317-p
MMS S317-p , S345-p
NAC S345-p
nocodazole S286-p , S301-p , S317-p , S331-p , S345-p
NPB S345-p
nutlin-3 S345-p
okadaic_acid S317-p , S345-p
olaparib S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
PD173955 S345-p
PD179483 S345-p
PD184352 S280-p
PD98059 S286-p , S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
PDTC S345-p
pemetrexed S345-p
peptide inhibitor S345-p
PERK inhibitor 1 S317-p , S345-p
PF477736 S296-p , S317-p
PHA-767491 S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
phorbol_ester S280-p , S317-p
PPT S345-p
prexasertib S296-p , S317-p , S345-p
progesterone S345-p
psoralen S345-p
purvalanol S286-p , S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
pyrvinium pamoate S345-p
R03306 S317-p
rabusertib S296-p , S345-p
rapamycin S280-p
resveratrol S317-p , S345-p
ricolinostat S345-p
RO-3306 S317-p , S345-p
rucaparib S345-p
ryuvidine S317-p
SB203580 S280-p , S286-p , S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
SB216763 S345-p
SB218078 S345-p
seliciclib S286-p , S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
selumetinib S280-p
serum S280-p , S296-p , S345-p
siRNA S280-p , S296-p , S317-p , S345-p , K436-ub
SJG-136 S317-p
SL0101 S280-p
SN-38 S296-p
SP600125 S286-p , S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
staurosporine S345-p
Su11274 S280-p
TAK-243 S345-p
Talazoparib S345-p
taxol S345-p
testosterone S345-p
thapsigargin S317-p , S345-p
THIF S296-p
thymidine S286-p , S296-p , S317-p , S331-p , S345-p
tioguanine S317-p
tivantinib S345-p
TMZ S280-p , S345-p
TMZ removal S317-p , S345-p
TNF S345-p
topotecan S317-p
trichostatin_A S317-p
U0126 S280-p , S317-p
UCN-01 S296-p , S317-p , S345-p , T378-p , T382-p
UV S280-p , S286-p , S296-p , S301-p , S317-p , S345-p
UVC S317-p , S345-p
valproic acid S317-p , S345-p
VE-821 S317-p , S345-p
vemurafenib S280-p
virus infection S345-p
vorinostat S345-p
VRX0466617 S317-p , S345-p
wortmannin S280-p , S345-p