Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

CDK7 T161-p
CK2A1 S39-p
HER2 Y15-p
Myt1 T14-p , Y15-p
PKR Y4-p
Wee1 Y15-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

CDK7 T161-p
Chk1 S208-p
CK2A1 S39-p
Cot T161-p
HER2 Y15-p
Myt1 T14-p , Y15-p
PKR Y4-p
Src Y15-p
Src Y15-p
Wee1 Y15-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
CDC25A Y15-p
CDC25C Y15-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
CDC25B T14-p , Y15-p
CDC25C Y15-p
Regulatory protein:
Akt1 T14-p , Y15-p
AVEN Y15-p
BRCA1 Y15-p
CCNB1 T14-p , Y15-p , T161-p
CCNE1 Y15-p
CDC25A T14-p , Y15-p , T161-p
CDK7 T161-p
Chk1 Y15-p
Chk2 Y15-p
CK2B Y15-p
CSFR T14-p , Y15-p , Y19-p
CTDP1 Y15-p
DCK Y15-p
DYNLT1 Y15-p
EGFR T14-p , Y15-p
EMP2 Y15-p
FGFR1 Y19-p
FLT3 Y15-p
Geminin Y15-p
KCTD12 T14-p , Y15-p
LIMK2 iso2 Y15-p
LIMK2 Y15-p
MCPH1 Y15-p
Myt1 T14-p
NOX4 Y15-p
NPM1 Y15-p
OGT T14-p , Y15-p
p16-INK4A iso5 Y15-p
p21Cip1 T161-p
p53 T14-p , Y15-p
PIN1 T14-p , Y15-p
PKCD Y15-p
PPP2CA Y15-p
PPP2CB Y15-p
TAO1 Y15-p
TAO3 Y15-p
TTK Y15-p
VHL T14-p , Y15-p
vpr p15 Y15-p
Wee1 Y15-p
ZAP70 Y15-p
1-methyladenine Y15-p
1NM-PP1 Y15-p
1R-Chl Y15-p
2-deoxyglucose Y15-p
3-Methyladenine Y15-p
actinomycin_D T161-p
adriamycin T14-p , Y15-p , T161-p
alpha-lipoic_acid Y15-p
alvocidib T14-p , Y15-p , T161-p
amino_acid_starvation T161-p
anti-CD28 Y15-p
anti-CD3 T14-p , Y15-p
anti-Fas Y15-p
anti-HER2 Y15-p
aphidicolin T14-p , Y15-p
apigenin Y15-p
AZ3146 Y15-p
AZD1775 Y15-p
AZD7762 Y15-p
beta-elemene Y15-p , T161-p
BI_4834 T14-p , Y15-p , T161-p
caffeine Y15-p , T161-p
camptothecin T14-p , Y15-p , T161-p
Chk2_inhibitor_II Y15-p
cisplatin Y15-p
CT-32615 Y15-p
CXCL12 T14-p
daidzein Y15-p
DATS Y15-p
doxycycline Y15-p
DPI Y15-p
EGF Y15-p
ephrin_B1 T14-p , Y15-p , Y19-p
ephrin_B2 T14-p , Y15-p , Y19-p
estradiol Y15-p
etoposide Y15-p
eusynstyelamide B Y15-p
evofosfamide Y15-p
FGF2 Y15-p
genistein Y15-p
grape_seed_extract Y15-p
heregulin Y15-p
hesperadin Y15-p
HHV-6A Y15-p
HU-210 T14-p , Y15-p
HXDV Y15-p
hydroxyurea Y15-p
hypoxia Y15-p
IgG Y15-p
IOA Y15-p
ionizing_radiation T14-p , Y15-p
kaempferol Y15-p
lapatinib T14-p
LRRK2-IN-1 T161-p
luteolin Y15-p
metastatic potential T14-p , Y15-p , T161-p
MG132 K9-ub , T14-p , Y15-p , K56-ub , K143-ub , T161-p , K201-ub , T222-p , K279-ub
MG132_withdrawal T161-p , S171-p , T222-p
MK1775 Y15-p
MLN8054 T14-p , Y15-p
monastrol Y15-p
MS275 K33-ac
NAC Y15-p
nocodazole T5-p , T14-p , Y15-p , Y19-p , S39-p , T161-p , T222-p
okadaic_acid Y15-p
partial_hepatectomy Y15-p
PD166285 Y15-p
PD166326 T14-p , Y15-p
PD173955 Y15-p
PD179483 Y15-p
PD98059 Y15-p , T161-p
peptide inhibitor Y15-p
PI-103 T14-p , Y15-p
PITC Y15-p
PKC412 Y15-p
plumbagin Y15-p
pyrvinium pamoate Y15-p , T161-p
QLT0267 Y15-p
quercetin T161-p
quinalizarin T14-p , Y15-p
resveratrol Y15-p , T161-p
retinoic_acid Y15-p
RO-3306 Y15-p
SB218078 Y15-p
serum T14-p , Y15-p , T161-p
serum_starvation T161-p
SII_angiotensin_2 T14-p
silibinin Y15-p
silymarin Y15-p
siRNA T14-p , Y15-p
SNAP T161-p
SNP T161-p
staurosporine Y15-p
tanespimycin Y15-p
tautomycin Y15-p
taxol Y15-p , T161-p
TGF-beta Y15-p
THIF Y15-p , T161-p
thymidine T5-p , T14-p , Y15-p , S39-p , T161-p , T222-p
tioguanine Y15-p
TMZ Y15-p
U0126 T14-p , Y15-p , Y19-p
UCN-01 T14-p , Y15-p
UV Y15-p
UVC Y15-p
vorinostat K6-ac , Y15-p , K33-ac