Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

Akt1 S2448-p
IKKA S1415-p
mTOR S2481-p
p70S6K T2446-p , S2448-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

Akt1 T2446-p , S2448-p
IKKA S1415-p , S1418-p
mTOR S2454-p , T2473-p , T2474-p , S2478-p , S2481-p
p70S6K T2446-p , S2448-p
Regulatory protein:
Akt1 S2448-p
Akt1 S1415-p , S2448-p
Akt2 S1415-p
AMPKA1 S2448-p
CIP2A S2448-p
DUSP6 S2448-p
DYRK2 T631-p , S2481-p
FAK S2448-p
GRP78 S2448-p
HRas S2481-p
IL24 S2448-p
ILK S2481-p
mTOR S2448-p , S2481-p
Notch 1 S2448-p , S2481-p
NuaK1 S2448-p
p53 S2448-p , S2481-p
PDCD6 S2448-p
PHLPP2 S2448-p
PHLPP S2448-p
PIK3C2A S2481-p
PIK3CB S2481-p
PIP3-E S2481-p
PTEN S1415-p
RAF1 S2448-p
Raptor S2448-p , S2481-p
RHEB S2481-p
RICTOR S2448-p , S2481-p
Sin1 S2481-p
TBK1 S2481-p
ULK1 S2481-p
2-deoxyglucose S2481-p
5-HT S2481-p
acadesine S2448-p
afatinib S2448-p
Akt-I-1 S2448-p
aloe-emodin S2448-p
amino_acid_starvation S1261-p , S2448-p , S2481-p
amino_acids S1261-p , S2448-p , S2481-p
angiotensin_2 S2481-p
anisomycin S2481-p
anti-HLA S2448-p
As2O3 S2448-p
AZD8055 S2448-p , S2481-p
bicyclol S2448-p
calyculin_A S2481-p
Cbz-B3A S2448-p , S2481-p
celastrol S2481-p
colforsin S2448-p
collagen XIX (NC1 domain) S2448-p , S2481-p
compound_C S2448-p
cycloheximide S2448-p
DMSO S2448-p
EGF T1162-p , S1166-p , S2481-p
exercise S2448-p
fasting S2448-p
GDNF S2448-p
gefitinib T2444-p , T2446-p , S2448-p , Y2449-p , S2450-p , S2454-p
GSK2334470 S2448-p , S2481-p
heregulin S2448-p
HGF S2448-p
histidinol S2481-p
IFN-beta S2448-p
IFN-gamma S2448-p , S2481-p
IGF-1 S2448-p , S2481-p
IL-24 S2448-p
IL-3 S2448-p
IL-6 S2481-p
imatinib S2448-p , S2450-p , S2454-p , S2481-p
insulin S1261-p , S1415-p , T2446-p , S2448-p , S2481-p
ionizing_radiation S2481-p
ischemia S1261-p , S1893-p
JQ1 S2448-p
KU-0063794 S2481-p
L-glutamine_withdrawal S2448-p
laminar flow S2448-p
liothyronine S2448-p
LLL12 S2448-p
LPS S2448-p , S2481-p
LY294002 S2448-p , S2481-p
metformin S2448-p
methyl-beta-cyclodextrin S2448-p
MG132_withdrawal T1162-p
MHY1485 S2448-p
ML120B S2481-p
MLN8054 S1261-p
nocodazole S567-p , T1162-p , S1166-p , S2448-p
oscillatory_flow S2448-p
OSI-027 S2448-p , S2481-p
osteopontin S2448-p
OSU-03012 S2448-p
ouabain S2448-p
pemetrexed S2448-p , S2481-p
phorbol_ester T2446-p , S2448-p , S2481-p
pimenta doica S2448-p
PP2 S2448-p
PP242 S2448-p , S2481-p
pravastatin S2448-p
QLT0267 S2448-p
RAD001 S2448-p
rapamycin S1261-p , T2446-p , S2448-p , S2481-p
resveratrol S2448-p
retinoic_acid S2448-p
RGD S2448-p
SB202190 T1162-p , S1166-p , S2448-p
SB203580 S2448-p
SB216763 S2448-p
selenite S2448-p , S2481-p
serum S2448-p , S2481-p
serum_withdrawal S2481-p
sildenafil S2448-p , S2481-p
siRNA S1415-p , S2448-p , S2481-p
sorafenib S2448-p
SP600125 S2481-p
staurosporine S2159-p , T2164-p , S2481-p
Su11274 S2448-p , Y2449-p , S2454-p
SU6656 S2448-p
sunitinib S2448-p , S2481-p
Torin1 S2159-p , T2164-p , S2481-p
triptolide S2448-p
tunicamycin S2448-p
U0126 T1162-p , S2448-p
UV S2448-p
VEGF S2448-p
virus infection S2448-p
wortmannin S1261-p , T2446-p , S2448-p , S2481-p