Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

ATM T26-p , S28-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p
ATR T68-p
Chk2 T68-p , S379-p , T383-p , T387-p , S516-p
PLK1 T68-p , S164-p , T205-p , S210-p
ZAK T68-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

ATM T68-p
ATR T68-p
Chk2 S19-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p , S120-p , S140-p , T225-p , S260-p , S379-p , T383-p , T387-p , T432-p , S435-p , S516-p
DNAPK T68-p , T383-p , T387-p
PLK1 T68-p
PLK3 S62-p , S73-p
TTK T68-p
ZAK T68-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
PPM1D S33-p , S35-p , T68-p , T387-p
PPP1CA S33-p , S35-p , T68-p , T387-p
PPP2CA S33-p , S35-p , T68-p , T387-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
PPM1D S33-p , T68-p , S516-p
PPPM1A S19-p , T432-p , S516-p
Regulatory protein:
Abl T68-p
Akt1 T68-p
ATM T68-p
ATR T68-p
Bcl-2 T68-p
BLM T68-p
BMI1 T68-p
BRCA1 T68-p
BRD8 T68-p
Calmodulin T68-p
CASP2 T68-p
CDT1 T68-p
Chk1 T68-p
Chk2 S33-p , S35-p , T68-p , S516-p
claspin T68-p
CtIP T68-p
DDX11 T68-p
E2F1 T68-p
ERK1 T68-p
ERK2 T68-p
FBXW7 T68-p , S516-p
Geminin T68-p
HER2 T68-p
HMGA2 T68-p
HRas T68-p
HSPA2 T68-p
Ku70 T68-p
Ku80 T68-p
MPG T68-p
NBS1 T68-p
NCK1 T68-p
OBFC2B T68-p
p14ARF T68-p
p53 T68-p
PCK1 T378-gl
PDE1A T68-p
PIN1 T68-p
PINX1 T68-p
PPM1D T68-p
PPP4C T68-p
PTEN T68-p
RAD17 T68-p
RNH1 T68-p
SAMHD1 T68-p
SMEK2 T68-p
SOCS1 S19-p , T68-p
SOCS7 T68-p
syndecan-4 T68-p
Tax T68-p , T378-p , S379-p , T383-p , T387-p , T389-p , T517-p
TERT T68-p
Tip60 T68-p
TRF1 T68-p
VCP T68-p
11,11'-dideoxyverticillin T68-p
2-deoxyglucose S516-p
4-nitroquinoline_1-oxide S19-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p
680C91 T68-p
adriamycin S19-p , T26-p , S28-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p
aminothiazole_compound_25 T68-p
AP20187 T68-p
aphidicolin T68-p
arsenic T68-p
AZ20 T68-p
AZD0156 T68-p
AZD7762 T68-p
BI2536 T68-p , S164-p , T205-p , S210-p
C-1027 T68-p
caffeine S19-p , T26-p , S28-p , T68-p , T387-p
camptothecin T68-p , T383-p , T387-p
CBP-93872 T68-p
Chk2_inhibitor_II T68-p , S516-p
cisplatin T68-p
colforsin T68-p
curcumin S516-p
cyclophosphamide T68-p
DNA-PK_inhibitor_II T68-p
doxycycline T68-p
DPT T68-p
DSBs T68-p
EBSS T68-p
Et743 T68-p
etoposide T68-p , T383-p , T387-p
eusynstyelamide B T68-p
Far-infrared T68-p
galiellalactone T68-p
gefitinib T68-p
gemcitabine T68-p , S516-p
genistein T68-p
Go_6976 T68-p
grape_seed_extract T68-p
GSK2830371 T68-p
H2O2 T68-p
herbimycin_A T68-p
hydroxyurea S19-p , T26-p , S28-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p
hyperoxia T68-p
IBMX T68-p
IC86621 T68-p
ICRF-193 T68-p
ionizing_radiation S19-p , T26-p , S28-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p , S372-p , T378-p , S379-p , T383-p , T387-p , T389-p , Y390-p , S516-p , T517-p
irofulven T68-p
ischemia S260-p
KN-93 T68-p
KU-55933 T68-p
KU-60019 T68-p
kynurenine T68-p
lurbinectedin T68-p
methylselenocysteine S19-p , T68-p , T387-p , T432-p
MG132 T68-p
mimosine T68-p
mitomycin_C S19-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p
mitoxantrone T68-p
MK-8776 S516-p
MMS T68-p
Na(2)CrO(4) T68-p
NAC S33-p , S35-p , T68-p
nelfinavir T68-p
neocarzinostatin T68-p , S456-p
NMS-873 T68-p
nocodazole T68-p , T383-p
NU7026 T68-p
NU7441 T68-p
okadaic_acid S33-p , S35-p , T68-p
olaparib T68-p
osimertinib S379-p
PDTC T68-p
peptide inhibitor T68-p
PHA-767491 T68-p
phorbol_ester T68-p
phytohaemagglutinin T68-p
rapamycin T68-p
resveratrol S19-p , T68-p , T387-p
rociletinib S379-p
ryuvidine T68-p
SB203580 T68-p
silibinin S19-p , T68-p
silymarin S19-p , T68-p
siRNA T68-p
SJG-136 T68-p
SN-38 S19-p , T68-p , T387-p , T432-p
sorafenib T68-p
taxol T383-p
terbinafine T68-p
thymidine T68-p
tioguanine T68-p
TMZ T68-p
topotecan T68-p
U0126 T68-p
UCN-01 T68-p
UV S19-p , T26-p , S28-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p
VE-821 T68-p
virus infection T68-p
VRX0466617 S19-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p , T387-p
W-7 T68-p
wortmannin T26-p , S28-p , S33-p , S35-p , T68-p