Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

CAMK2A S843-p
CDK5 S732-p
ERK1 S910-p
ERK2 S910-p
FAK iso2 Y397-p
FAK Y397-p
FAK Y397-p
Src iso1 Y397-p , Y407-p , Y576-p , Y577-p
Src Y925-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

CAMK2A S843-p
CDK5 S732-p
ERK2 S910-p
FAK iso2 Y397-p
Src Y407-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , Y861-p , Y925-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
DUSP22 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p
Regulatory protein:
BST1 Y397-p , Y861-p
BVR Y397-p
CD248 Y397-p
dematin Y397-p
EZH2 Y397-p
FAK iso2 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , Y925-p
FAK iso9 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , Y861-p , Y925-p
IFITM3 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p
IFITM3 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p
LRRC15 Y397-p
MGAT5 Y397-p
MYH10 Y925-p
MYH9 Y925-p
MYO1E Y397-p
NRD1 Y397-p
PAG Y397-p
PXN Y397-p , Y925-p
SALL2 Y397-p
SRA1 Y925-p
Src iso1 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y861-p
TGFBR2 iso1 Y397-p
Vinculin Y397-p
WAVE1 Y925-p
ABBV-085 Y397-p
AG1478 S843-p
angiopoietin-1 Y397-p
angiopoietin-2 Y397-p
angiotensin_2 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y861-p
blebbistatin Y925-p
bombesin Y397-p , Y577-p , S843-p , S910-p
bradykinin Y397-p , Y577-p , S843-p
calphostin_C Y397-p , Y925-p
cell_adhesion Y397-p
chloroquine Y397-p , Y407-p
Clostridium_toxin_B Y397-p , Y577-p
cytochalasin_D Y397-p , Y576-p , S843-p , Y861-p , S910-p , Y925-p
dasatinib Y397-p
deferoxamine Y397-p , Y407-p
dexamethasone Y576-p , Y577-p
double-stranded_RNA Y861-p
eCF506 Y397-p
echistatin Y397-p
EGF Y576-p , Y577-p , S910-p
EGTA S843-p
endothelin Y397-p , Y577-p
FGF1 Y397-p , S910-p
fibronectin Y397-p , Y407-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , Y925-p
force Y397-p
genistein Y397-p , Y925-p
GF109203X S843-p , S910-p
GSK126 Y397-p
GSK2256098 Y397-p
H2O2 Y397-p
HA-1077 S843-p , S910-p
herbimycin_A Y397-p , Y925-p
HFHC Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p
high_cell_density Y397-p , Y407-p
IBMX Y576-p , Y577-p
insulin S910-p
ionomycin S843-p
KN-93 S843-p
laminin-1 Y397-p
latrunculin_A Y397-p , Y576-p , Y861-p
low_cell_density Y397-p , Y407-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , Y861-p
LPA Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , Y861-p , S910-p
LY294002 Y397-p , Y577-p , S910-p
Mn(2+) Y925-p
osmotic_stress Y397-p , Y577-p
PD168393 S910-p
PD98059 S910-p
PDGF Y397-p , Y577-p , S910-p
peptide Y397-p
PF 573228 Y397-p
PF271 Y397-p
PF562271 Y397-p
phenylephrine Y925-p
phorbol_ester Y397-p , S910-p , Y925-p
poly-L-lysine Y397-p , Y925-p
PP1 Y397-p
PP2 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , S843-p , Y861-p
primaquine Y925-p
PTX S910-p
pyrintegrin Y397-p
rapamycin S910-p
Ro31-8220 S843-p , S910-p
SB202190 Y397-p
SB203580 Y397-p
serum_starvation Y397-p , Y407-p , Y925-p
siRNA Y397-p , Y407-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , S843-p
SNAP Y861-p
sorbitol Y397-p , Y576-p , Y861-p
stiff ECM substrate Y397-p
SU6656 Y861-p
sucrose Y397-p , Y576-p , Y861-p
TCAP-1 Y925-p
TCDD Y576-p , Y577-p
TGF-beta Y397-p , Y407-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , Y861-p
thapsigargin Y397-p , S843-p , S910-p
Tirofiban Y397-p
TNF Y397-p , Y407-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , Y861-p , Y925-p
trifluoperazine S843-p
tyrphostin_A47 Y397-p , Y925-p
U0126 Y397-p , Y576-p , Y577-p , S843-p , S910-p
urea Y861-p
vasopressin Y397-p , Y577-p , S843-p
VEGF Y397-p , Y861-p
vitronectin Y397-p
W-13 S843-p
W-7 S843-p
wortmannin Y397-p , S910-p
Y27632 Y397-p , Y577-p , S843-p
ZINC40099027 Y925-p