Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

Abl Y292-p
Akt2 S14-p , S175-p , T180-p , T207-p
Akt3 S385-p
Arg Y292-p
BLK Y107-p
Cot S123-p , S173-p , S175-p , T180-p , S188-p
DNAPK T135-p
GSK3B S123-p , S173-p , T180-p
IKKB S396-p , S398-p , S402-p , T404-p , S405-p
IKKE S386-p , S396-p , S402-p
JNK1 S173-p
MEKK2 S173-p
MST1 T75-p , T253-p
NDR2 S396-p
TBK1 S386-p , S396-p , S398-p , S402-p , T404-p , S405-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

BLK Y107-p
DNAPK T135-p
GSK3A S123-p , S173-p , T180-p
GSK3B S123-p , S173-p , T180-p
IKKE S386-p , S396-p , S398-p , S402-p
JNK1 S173-p
MST1 T75-p , T253-p
NDR2 S396-p
TBK1 S173-p , S175-p , S385-p , S386-p , S396-p , S398-p , S402-p , T404-p , S405-p
Regulatory protein:
ADAR S386-p
AP1B1 S386-p
AP1G1 S386-p
AP1S1 S386-p
BLK S386-p , S396-p
BRCA1 S386-p
cGAS S386-p
DDAH2 S396-p
DDX3 S396-p
DHCR7 S385-p , S386-p
DHX58 K193-ub , K313-ub , K315-ub , S396-p
EGFR S396-p
GSK3B S396-p
HDAC10 S396-p
IFI35 S396-p
IKKE S339-p , S386-p , S396-p
IRF8 S396-p
MAVS S386-p , S396-p
MST1 S386-p , S396-p
PD-L1 S386-p
PPP1R12C S396-p
PRP4 S259-p
RACK1 S386-p
RALB S396-p
RIGI S396-p
RNASEH1 S386-p
ROBO3 S386-p , S396-p
SAMHD1 S396-p
senataxin S386-p
SENP2 K70-ub , K87-ub
SRF S396-p
STAT2 S396-p
STING S386-p , S396-p
TAK1 S173-p
TBK1 Y107-p , S339-p , S386-p , S396-p
TFG S396-p
TICAM1 S386-p , S396-p
TNFAIP3 S396-p
TRIAD3 S396-p
TRIM10 S396-p
USP22 S97-p
WDFY1 S396-p
WIPI2 S396-p
1400W S396-p
7-DHC S385-p
ADU-S100 S386-p
antibody S396-p
argimesna S396-p
Auranofin S396-p
AY9944 S386-p
CCT128930 T207-p
cGAMP S386-p , S396-p
compound 53 S386-p
CpG S396-p
dexamethasone S396-p
double-stranded_RNA S396-p
dsDNA T135-p , S396-p
HBSS S396-p
IFN-beta S82-p
ISD S396-p
KU-0063794 S396-p
Lipofectamine S396-p
lithium S123-p , S173-p , T180-p
lncRNAs S97-p , S396-p
LPA S396-p
LPS S339-p , S386-p , S396-p
Mdivi-1 S396-p
metastatic potential S175-p
miR-107 S97-p
miRNA S97-p
Newcastle_disease_virus S339-p , S385-p , S386-p
nilotinib Y292-p
PGE2 S396-p
Pladienolide B S386-p
poly(dA:dT) S396-p
poly(I-C) S339-p , S386-p , S396-p
reversine S396-p
RO-3306 S396-p
selumetinib S173-p
serum_starvation S396-p
siRNA K70-sm , K87-sm , K193-ub , T207-p , K313-ub , K315-ub , S339-p , S385-p , S396-p
SP600125 S173-p
sphingosine_1-phosphate S396-p
VE-821 S396-p
vemurafenib S173-p
virus infection S82-p , S97-p , Y107-p , T135-p , K313-ub , K366-m1 , S385-p , S386-p , T390-p , S396-p , S398-p , S402-p , T404-p , S405-p