Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

ALK Y705-p
CDK5 S727-p
CDK8 S727-p
EphB1 Y705-p
IRAK1 S727-p
JAK1 Y705-p
JAK2 Y705-p
MEKK1 S727-p
MSK1 S727-p
mTOR S727-p
NLK S727-p
P38A S727-p
PKCD S727-p
PKCE S727-p
Src iso1 Y705-p
TBK1 S727-p
TBK1 S754-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

CDK5 S727-p
CDK8 Y705-p
JNK1 S727-p
MEKK1 S727-p
MSK1 S727-p
NLK S727-p
PKCE S727-p
TBK1 S754-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
DUSP2 Y705-p , S727-p
PPP2CB Y705-p
PTPN2 Y705-p
Regulatory protein:
ADIPOR1 Y705-p
ADORA2A Y705-p
ALK Y705-p
AR Y705-p
AT1 Y705-p , S727-p
ATF6A Y705-p
ATR Y705-p
BCR-ABL1 Y705-p
CUL3 Y705-p , T717-gl
eIF2-alpha Y705-p
eNOS S727-p
ERK5 Y705-p
gp130 Y705-p
IL6 Y705-p
ILK Y705-p
IRS1 Y705-p
IRS2 Y705-p
ITGA9 Y705-p
JAK2 Y705-p
LEPR Y705-p
MEK1 S727-p
MRas Y705-p
NF1 S727-p
NPM1 Y705-p
PD-L1 Y705-p , S727-p
PKCD Y705-p , S727-p
PKCE Y705-p , S727-p
PKR Y705-p
PTPN2 Y705-p
PTPN2 Y705-p
RAIG1 Y705-p
Ret Y705-p
SHP-2 Y705-p , S727-p
SOCS3 Y705-p
Src iso1 Y705-p
Src Y705-p
STAP2 Y705-p
TLR3 Y705-p
TSC1 Y705-p
TSC2 Y705-p
VEGF Y705-p
XBP1 Y705-p
adiponectin Y705-p
AG1296 Y705-p
AG1478 S727-p
AG490 Y705-p
amino_acids S727-p
anti-CD3/CD28 Y705-p
anti-IL-10 Y705-p
anti-IL-6 Y705-p
aphidicolin Y705-p
bacterial infection Y705-p
BMP2 Y705-p
bradykinin S727-p
caffeine Y705-p
calyculin_A Y705-p
cardiotropin-1 Y705-p
cell cycle regulated Y705-p
CNTF Y705-p , S727-p
cobalt Y705-p
CoCL2 Y705-p , S727-p
CPA-7 Y705-p
cucurbitacin-I S727-p
cycloheximide Y705-p
DETA-NONOate S727-p
differentiation Y705-p
DMSO Y705-p
DNP Y705-p , S727-p
dsDNA S754-p
DTT Y705-p
EGF Y705-p , S727-p
Epo Y705-p
ethanol Y705-p , S727-p
exercise Y705-p
exercise training Y705-p
flavopiridol Y705-p , S727-p
FLLL32 Y705-p
G-CSF Y705-p , S727-p
Go_6976 Y705-p
Go_6983 S727-p
GSK2334470 S727-p
GSK650394 S727-p
H-7 S727-p
H-89 S727-p
heparin sodium S727-p
heregulin Y705-p
high-fat diet Y705-p
IFN-alpha Y705-p
IFN-beta Y705-p , S727-p
IFN-gamma Y705-p , S727-p
IgE Y705-p , S727-p
IgG Y705-p
IL-10 Y705-p , S727-p
IL-11 Y705-p , S727-p
IL-2 Y705-p
IL-21 Y705-p
IL-3 Y705-p
IL-4 Y705-p
IL-6 Y705-p , S727-p
IL-9 Y705-p
imatinib Y705-p
insulin S701-p , Y705-p , T714-p , S727-p
ischemia/reperfusion Y705-p , S727-p
JAK2_inhibitor Y705-p
JAK_inhibitor_I Y705-p , S754-p
lactation Y705-p
lavendustin_A Y705-p
leptin Y705-p , S727-p
LIF Y705-p , S727-p
LIF withdrawal Y705-p
LPS Y705-p , S727-p
LY294002 Y705-p , S727-p
mifepristone Y705-p
MK-2206 Y705-p
MMS Y705-p
MPA Y705-p
nerve_damage Y705-p
neuregulin S727-p
NGF Y705-p , S727-p
oncostatin_M Y705-p , S727-p
orantinib Y705-p
OSI-774 Y705-p
PD153035 S727-p
PD98059 Y705-p , S727-p
PDGF Y705-p , S727-p
PP2 Y705-p
PRL Y705-p
propofol Y705-p , S727-p
rapamycin Y705-p , S727-p
refametinib Y705-p , S727-p
rottlerin Y705-p , S727-p
SB202190 S727-p
SB203580 S727-p
seliciclib S727-p
semaxanib Y705-p
serum S727-p
siRNA Y705-p , S727-p
SP600125 S727-p
staurosporine Y705-p
SU11333 Y705-p
SU6656 Y705-p , S727-p
sunitinib Y705-p
TGF-alpha Y705-p
TGF-beta Y705-p , S727-p
thymidine Y705-p
Torin1 S727-p
tunicamycin Y705-p , T717-gl
U0126 Y705-p , S727-p
UV Y705-p , S727-p
vanadate Y705-p
XL-147 Y705-p
Y27632 Y705-p , S727-p