Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

ATM S121-p , S133-p
ATR S121-p
CDK1 S270-p , S271-p
CK1A S108-p , S111-p , S114-p
DYRK3 S133-p
GSK3B S129-p
HIPK2 S271-p
MSK1 S133-p
MSK2 S133-p
p90RSK S133-p
PKCE S133-p
PRKD1 S133-p
RSK2 S133-p
RSK3 S133-p
SGK1 S133-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

ATM T100-p , S111-p , S121-p , S133-p
ATR S121-p
CAMK4 S133-p
CDK1 S270-p , S271-p
CK1A S114-p , S156-p
CK2A1 S108-p , S111-p
Cot S133-p
HIPK2 S271-p
MSK1 S133-p
p90RSK S133-p
PKACA S133-p
PKACA S133-p
PRKD1 S98-p , S133-p
SGK1 S133-p
TSSK4 S133-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
PPP2CA S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S121-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
PPP2CA S156-p
Regulatory protein:
5-HT(7) S133-p
AIF1 S133-p
AKIP S133-p
Akt1 S133-p
CK1A S108-p , S111-p , S114-p
DARPP-32 S133-p
GSK3B S133-p
HDAC1 S133-p
JNK1 S133-p
MSK1 S133-p
NFkB-p100 S133-p
P38A S108-p , S111-p , S114-p
p90RSK S133-p
PHLPP2 S133-p
PKAR2B S133-p
PTGER2 S133-p
PTGER2 S133-p
PTGER3 S133-p
PTGER4 S133-p
TORC1 S133-p
TORC2 S133-p
TRPC7 S133-p
WNT5A S133-p
2-deoxyglucose S133-p
5-HT S133-p
8-CPT-2Me-cAMP S133-p
adriamycin S133-p
AG1478 S133-p
AH6809 S133-p
androgen_withdrawal S133-p
angiotensin S133-p
angiotensin_2 S142-p
anisomycin S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S133-p
anti-CD3/CD28 S133-p
anti-IgM S133-p
aphidicolin S121-p
arsenite S133-p
ascomycin S133-p
BayK8644 S133-p
BDNF S133-p
BI2536 S270-p , S271-p
bisindolylmaleimide_II S133-p
BIX02188 S133-p
cAMP_analog S133-p
carbachol S133-p
cisplatin S271-p
cocaine S133-p
colcemid S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S121-p
colforsin S129-p , S133-p
CRF S133-p
cycloheximide S108-p , S111-p , S114-p
D4476 S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S121-p
D600 S133-p
deferoxamine S121-p
depolarization S133-p
dexamethasone S133-p
dimethylfumarate S133-p
EGF S133-p
etoposide S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S121-p , S271-p
exercise S133-p
FGF1 S133-p
fluid_shear_stress S133-p
fumaric_acid S133-p
genistein S133-p
GF109203X S133-p
GM-CSF S133-p
Go_6976 S133-p
Go_6983 S133-p
H-7 S133-p
H-89 S133-p
H2O2 S111-p , S121-p , S133-p
HA-1004 S133-p
HGF S133-p
high_cell_density S108-p , S111-p , S114-p
histamine S133-p
hydroxyurea S121-p
IBMX S133-p
IGF-1 S133-p
IL-1b S133-p
IL-2 S133-p
IL-3 S133-p
IL-4 S133-p
insulin S133-p
ionizing_radiation S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S117-p , S121-p , S133-p
ionomycin S133-p
ischemia S142-p
KN-62 S133-p
KN-93 S133-p
KT-5926 S133-p
KT5720 S133-p
kynurenine S133-p
LIF S133-p
linoleic_acid S133-p
lithium S133-p
losartan S133-p
LPA S133-p
LPS S133-p
LY294002 S133-p
methylhydrogenfumarate S133-p
metribolone S133-p
MG132 S108-p , S111-p , S114-p
morphine S133-p
morphine_withdrawal S133-p
N6-benzoyl-cAMP S133-p
nifedipine S133-p
NKH_477 S133-p
NMDA S133-p
nocodazole S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S121-p , S270-p , S271-p
NPC-15342 S133-p
NS398 S133-p
NSC-127102 S133-p
OAG S133-p
okadaic_acid S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S121-p , S133-p
oleic_acid S133-p
ONOO(-) S133-p
PD123319 S133-p
PD98059 S133-p
PDGF S133-p
phorbol_ester S133-p
PlGF S133-p
PP1 S133-p
prostaglandin_E S133-p
pup exposure S133-p
rapamycin S133-p
retinoic_acid S121-p , S133-p
Ro31-8220 S133-p
Rp-cAMPS S133-p
SB202190 S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S133-p
SB203580 S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S133-p
SB216763 S129-p , S133-p
selumetinib S142-p
semaxanib S133-p
serum S133-p
siRNA S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S133-p
SP600125 S108-p , S111-p , S114-p
staurosporine S133-p
sulprostone S133-p
t-butanol S133-p
tautomycin S133-p
taxol S133-p
TBB S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S121-p
TNF S129-p , S133-p
trichostatin_A S133-p
U0126 S133-p
UV S108-p , S111-p , S114-p , S121-p , S133-p
vanadate S133-p
VE-821 S133-p
VEGF S133-p
vemurafenib S142-p
VIP S133-p
virus infection S133-p
wortmannin S133-p
Zeocin S108-p , S111-p , S114-p