Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

ATM S367-p , S1893-p , S1981-p , S2996-p
ATR S1981-p
AurB S1403-p
CDK5 S794-p
CK1A S1270-p
EGFR Y370-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

ATM S367-p , S440-p , T1885-p , S1893-p , S1981-p , S2996-p
ATR S1981-p
AurB S1403-p
CDK5 S794-p
CK1A S1270-p
EGFR Y370-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
PPM1D S1981-p
PPP2CA S1981-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
PPM1D S1981-p
Regulatory protein:
53BP1 S1981-p
AML2 S1981-p
AMPKA1 S1981-p
ATM S1891-p , S1981-p
ATR S1981-p
AVEN S1981-p
Bcl-2 S1981-p
BLM S1981-p
BMI1 S1981-p
BRCA1 S1981-p
C9orf72 S1891-p
CASP2 S1981-p
CDCA2 S1981-p
CDK1 S1981-p
Chk1 S1981-p
CtIP S1981-p
EDEM1 S1981-p
ERK1 S1981-p
ERK2 S1981-p
FANCA S1981-p
H2AX S1981-p
HMGA2 S1981-p
IkB-alpha S1981-p
IKKG S1981-p
KHDRBS1 S1981-p
lamin A/C S1981-p
MCT1 S1981-p
MEK5 S1981-p
MKK3 S1981-p
MPG S1981-p
MRE11A S1981-p
MST1 S1981-p
NBS1 S1981-p
NKX3-1 S1981-p
OBFC2B S1981-p
p14ARF S1981-p
P38A S1981-p
p53 S1981-p
PARG S1981-p
PDE1A S1981-p
PPA1 S1981-p
PPM1D S1981-p
PPM1D S1981-p
PPP4C S1981-p
RACK7 S1981-p
RAD17 S1981-p
RNF8 S1981-p
SAMHD1 S1981-p
SMEK2 S1981-p
SMG8 S1981-p
SMG9 S1981-p
SOCS1 S1981-p
SOD2 S1981-p
Tip60 S1981-p
TRF2 S1981-p
TXN S1981-p
ULK1 S1981-p
VCP S1981-p
WSTF S1981-p
XRCC1 S1981-p
YAP1 S1981-p
4-HT S1981-p
5-aza-CdR S1981-p
adriamycin S1981-p
aminoguanidine S1981-p
aminothiazole_compound_25 S1981-p
AP21967 S1981-p
arsenic S1981-p
arsenite S1981-p
ATM_inhibitor S1981-p
axitinib S1981-p
AZ20 S1981-p
AZD0156 S1981-p
berzosertib S1981-p
beta-lapachone S1981-p
BIBX S1981-p
bleomycin T86-p , S1981-p , K3016-ac
BMP4 S1981-p
Boc-D-FMK S1981-p
bornyl_acetate S1981-p
BTX-A51 S1270-p
caffeine S1981-p
camptothecin S794-p , S1981-p
CBP-93872 S1981-p
CDT S1981-p
celecoxib S1981-p
cell_adhesion S1981-p
ceritinib S1981-p
chloroquine S1981-p
cigarette_smoke S1981-p
colforsin S1981-p
CPT S1981-p
cycloheximide S1981-p
cyclophosphamide S1981-p
cytarabine S1981-p
D4476 S1270-p
dactolisib S1981-p
dexamethasone S1981-p
dorsomorphin S1981-p
DSBs S1981-p
dsDNA S1981-p
ER_27319 S1981-p
Et743 S1981-p
etoposide S1981-p
flupenthixol S1981-p
galiellalactone S1981-p
galunisertib S2996-p
gefitinib S1981-p
gemcitabine S1981-p
genistein S1981-p
Go_6976 S1981-p
granzyme_B S1981-p
grape_seed_extract S1981-p
H2O2 S1981-p
hesperadin S1403-p
hydroxycamptothecin S1981-p
hydroxyurea S1981-p
hypotonic_buffer S1981-p
IBMX S1981-p
IC86621 S1981-p
ICRF-193 S1981-p
indisulam S1981-p
Inotuzumab-ozogamicin S1981-p
ionizing_radiation S85-p , S367-p , Y370-p , S1403-p , T1885-p , S1891-p , S1893-p , S1981-p , S2592-p , S2996-p , K3016-ac
irofulven S1981-p
KU-55933 S367-p , S1891-p , S1893-p , S1981-p , S2996-p
KU-60019 S1981-p
Ku-DNA binding inhibitor S1981-p
lncRNAs S1981-p
lurbinectedin S1981-p
LY294002 S1981-p
M3541 S1981-p
methotrexate S1981-p
MG132 K1109-ub , K1114-ub , K1572-ub , K2148-ub
MI-63 S1981-p
miR-16 S1981-p
miRNA S1981-p
mitomycin_C S1981-p
mitoxantrone S1981-p
MMS S1981-p
MS275 S1981-p
mutation S1981-p
NaB S1981-p
NAC S1981-p
NB-598 S1981-p
neocarzinostatin S1981-p
neratinib S1981-p
niraparib S1981-p
nocodazole S1403-p , S1981-p
NU7026 S1981-p
NU7441 S1981-p
nutlin-3 S1891-p , S1981-p
okadaic_acid S1981-p
olaparib S1981-p
PD184352 S1981-p
PDTC S1981-p
PHA-767491 S1981-p
phleomycin S1981-p
phorbol_ester S1981-p
pifithrin-alpha S1981-p
PLX4720 S1981-p
quizartinib S1981-p
rapamycin S1981-p
retinoic_acid S1981-p
RITA S1891-p
Ro31-8220 S1981-p
romidepsin S1981-p
ryuvidine S1981-p
S-valproate S1981-p
SB203580 S1981-p
SCH772984 S1981-p
seliciclib S794-p , S1981-p
silibinin S1981-p
siRNA S794-p , S1270-p , S1403-p , S1981-p
sorafenib S1981-p
TAK-475 S1981-p
terbinafine S1981-p
thymidine S1981-p
ticarcillin S1981-p
TMZ S1981-p
topotecan S1891-p , S1981-p
trichostatin_A S1981-p
triphala S1981-p
troxacitabine S1981-p
UV S367-p , S1981-p
valproic acid S1981-p
VE-821 S1981-p
venetoclax S1981-p
virus infection S1981-p
vorinostat S1981-p
VRX0466617 S1981-p
wortmannin S367-p , S1893-p , S1981-p , S2996-p
Z-VAD-FMK S1981-p
Zeocin S1981-p