Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

Akt1 S230-p , S326-p
Akt2 S230-p
Akt3 S230-p
AMPKA1 S121-p
CK2A2 T142-p
DAPK1 S230-p
DYRK2 S320-p , S326-p
ERK1 S326-p
ERK2 S326-p
MEK1 S326-p
mTOR S326-p
P38A S326-p
P38G S326-p
Pim2 T120-p
PKACA S320-p
PLK1 S216-p , S419-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

Akt1 T142-p , S230-p , S326-p , T527-p
Akt2 S230-p , S326-p
Akt3 S230-p
AMPKA1 S121-p
CAMK2A S230-p
CK2A2 T142-p
DAPK1 S230-p
DYRK2 S307-p , S320-p , T323-p , S326-p , S363-p
ERK1 S307-p
GSK3B S303-p
MEK1 S326-p
mTOR S303-p , S326-p
P38A S303-p , S307-p , S326-p
P38B S303-p , S307-p , S326-p
P38D S303-p , S307-p , S326-p
P38G S303-p , S307-p , S326-p
Pim2 T120-p
PKACA S320-p
PLK1 S216-p
Regulatory protein:
Akt2 S326-p
Akt3 S326-p
ER-alpha S326-p
HER2 S326-p
HRas S326-p
HSF2 S326-p
HSP27 K298-sm
mTOR S303-p , S320-p
NEDD4 K80-ac
p53 S216-p
PTEN S230-p
SIRT1 K80-ac
SYN1 K80-ac
THBS4 S326-p
17-beta-estradiol S326-p
1Na-PP1 S320-p , S326-p
1NM-PP1 S320-p , S326-p
2,4-Bis(4-hydroxybenzyl)phenol S230-p , S303-p , S307-p , S326-p
3-MB-PP1 S320-p , S326-p
4-HT S326-p
8-Br-AMP S121-p
actinonin S303-p
antibody T323-p , S326-p
arsenite S326-p
As2O3 S230-p , S326-p
Azs, AZC S121-p
BI2536 S419-p
BIRB-0796 S326-p
bisphenol_A S326-p
bleomycin S326-p
bortezomib S303-p , S326-p , S363-p
carbendazim S326-p
carfilzomib S326-p
Cd(2+) S326-p
celastrol K80-ac , S303-p , S326-p
compound_C S121-p , S320-p
Coniferyl aldehyde S326-p
CPT S326-p
cycloheximide S326-p
DAPK_inhibitor S230-p
dasatinib S363-p
dorsomorphin S320-p
ethanol S326-p
faslodex S326-p
fenbendazole S326-p
food deprivation S121-p
formaldehyde S326-p
geldanamycin S326-p
glucose S326-p
glucose_starvation S326-p
harmine S320-p , S326-p
heat_shock K80-ac , K118-ac , S121-p , S230-p , K298-sm , S303-p , S307-p , S320-p , S326-p
heating S326-p
heregulin S326-p
hydroxyurea S326-p
injury S326-p
ischemia S314-p , S326-p
JNK_inhibitor_VIII S326-p
KN-62 S230-p
KPT-185 S326-p
KRIBB11 S230-p , S326-p
KU-0063794 S303-p , S326-p
lapatinib S326-p
LPS S326-p
LRRK2-IN-1 S363-p
LY294002 S230-p , S326-p
mebendazole S326-p
metastatic potential S314-p
MG132 S121-p , S326-p
MK-2206 S230-p , S326-p
mutation S326-p
nicotinamide K80-ac
nocodazole S216-p , S314-p , T323-p , S326-p , S363-p
novobiocin S303-p , S326-p
NU7026 S326-p
NVP-AUY922 S326-p
oxfendazole S326-p
parbendazole S326-p
PD98059 S326-p
PEITC S326-p
PI-103 S326-p
piR-823 S326-p
PPT S326-p
rapamycin S326-p
resveratrol K80-ac
salicylate S121-p
SB202190 S326-p
SCH772984 S326-p
selumetinib S326-p
SII_angiotensin_2 S303-p , S307-p
siRNA K80-ac , T120-p , S216-p , K298-sm , S320-p , S326-p
SMI-4a T120-p
SP600125 S303-p
staurosporine S303-p , S326-p
tanespimycin S303-p , S326-p
taxol S326-p
TG02 S326-p
thapsigargin K80-ac
TNF S230-p
TPEN S326-p
TRAIL S230-p
U0126 S326-p
vinblastine S326-p
virus infection S230-p , S307-p , S326-p
wortmannin S303-p
X66 S326-p
Zn(2+) S326-p