Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

ALK Y39-p
p90RSK T278-p
PKACA S157-p
PKCA S157-p
PKG1 S157-p , S239-p , T278-p
PRKD1 S157-p , S322-p
PRKD2 S157-p , S239-p , S322-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

AMPKA1 T278-p
p90RSK T278-p
PKACA S157-p , S239-p , T278-p
PKACA S157-p , S239-p
PKG1 S157-p , S239-p
PKG1 S157-p , S239-p , T278-p
PRKD1 S157-p , S322-p
Regulatory protein:
ANPA S157-p , S239-p
CSFR Y39-p
PDE3A S157-p
PKACA S157-p
PKG1 iso2 S239-p
PKG1 S239-p
PKG1 S157-p , S239-p
RAC1 S157-p
RHOA S157-p , S322-p
5_6-DCl-cBIMPS S157-p , S239-p
8-Rp-cAMP S157-p , S239-p
8pCPT-cGMP S157-p
acadesine T278-p
ACh S157-p , S239-p
adenosine S157-p
ADP S157-p , S239-p
alprostadil S157-p , S239-p
ANP S157-p , S239-p
anti-CD3 S325-p , T335-p
argimesna S239-p
atenolol S157-p
bacterial infection S157-p , S239-p , T278-p
bisindolylmaleimide S157-p
butoxamine S157-p
cAMP_analog S157-p , S239-p
carbon_monoxide S157-p , S239-p
CE-WIB801C S157-p
cGMP_analog S157-p , S239-p , T278-p
cholesterol S239-p
CID755673 S157-p , S322-p
colforsin S157-p , S239-p , T278-p
collagen S157-p
compound_C T278-p
CRP S157-p , S239-p
DDTC S239-p
DEA-NONOate S157-p , S239-p
dipyridamole S157-p , S239-p
DT-2 S239-p
EGF S239-p
ephrin_B1 Y39-p
epoprostenol S157-p , S239-p
fMLP S239-p
GF109203X S239-p
glucose S157-p , S239-p
glutamic acid S239-p
Go_6976 S157-p
H-89 S157-p , S239-p
H1152 S157-p
H2O2 S157-p , S239-p
H8 S239-p
hyperlipidemia S239-p
IGF-1 S239-p
indirubin T278-p
irbesartan S239-p
ischemia T284-p , T335-p
KT5720 S157-p , S239-p
KT5823 S157-p , S239-p , T278-p
L-NAME S239-p
L-NMMA S239-p
LDL_oxidized S157-p
linoleic_acid S157-p , S239-p
low_glucose S157-p , S239-p
metformin T278-p
methyl-beta-cyclodextrin S239-p
microcystin-LR S157-p
N-nitro-L-arginine S239-p
NECA S157-p
nitric_oxide S157-p , S239-p
nitrolinoleate S157-p , S239-p
NKH_477 S157-p
nocodazole T316-p
ODQ S157-p , S239-p
okadaic_acid S157-p
PAR1-activating_peptide S239-p
phenformin T278-p
phenylephrine S239-p
phorbol_ester S157-p , S239-p
PKI-(14-22)amide S157-p , S239-p
PP2 S157-p , S239-p
PP3 S239-p
racepinefrine S157-p
RGD S157-p
ristocetin S239-p
rottlerin S157-p , S239-p , T278-p
Rp-8pCPT-cGMPS S239-p
Rp-cAMPS S157-p , S239-p
Rp-cGMP S157-p , S239-p
scutellarin S239-p
serum T278-p
siRNA Y39-p , S157-p , T278-p , S322-p
SKI-1 S239-p
SNAP S239-p
SNP S157-p , S239-p
sphingosine_1-phosphate S239-p
SR59230A S157-p
SU6656 S239-p
thrombin S157-p , S239-p
U0126 Y39-p , S157-p
U46619 S239-p
VEGF S239-p
virus infection S157-p
von_Willebrand_factor S239-p
wortmannin S157-p
Y27632 S157-p