Kinase, in vitro: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs in non-living experimental conditions such as a test tube. For example, a purified enzyme is reacted with a substrate protein or mixture of proteins or peptides.

Chk1 T505-p
CK1A S316-p
CK1G1 S536-p
CK2A1 S529-p
GSK3B S468-p
IKKA S536-p
IKKB S468-p , S536-p
IKKE S468-p , S536-p
MSK1 S276-p
MSK2 S276-p
p90RSK S276-p
Pim1 S276-p
PKACA S276-p
PKCA S536-p
PKCZ S311-p
RSK2 S276-p
TBK1 S536-p
 Putative in vivo kinases: 

An enzyme-substrate reaction that occurs within living cells; includes cultured cells, ex vivo samples, and intact organisms. In the case of kinases, the large number of protein kinases in intact cells makes exact identification of the responsible kinase challenging.

CAMK4 S536-p
Chk1 T505-p
CK1G1 S536-p
CK2A1 S529-p
GSK3B S468-p
IKKA S536-p
IKKB S42-p , S45-p , S131-p , S261-p , S311-p , S468-p , S536-p
IKKE S468-p , S536-p
MSK1 S276-p
Pim1 S276-p
PKACA S276-p
PKACA S42-p , S45-p , S276-p
TBK1 S536-p
Phosphatases, in vitro:
PPM1D S536-p
PPP2CA S536-p
PPP3CA S536-p
PPP4C T435-p
Putative upstream phosphatases:
PPM1D S536-p
Regulatory protein:
AKIP S276-p
Akt1 K310-ac
AMPKA1 K221-ac
ANXA2 S536-p
ARF1 T505-p
ARRB1 S276-p , S529-p , S536-p
ATR T505-p
CDK5RAP3 S276-p , S529-p , S536-p
CK1D S536-p
CK1G1 S468-p
CUTL1 K310-ac , S536-p
CYBB S536-p
DAXX S276-p , S536-p
DDX3 S536-p
DDX58 S536-p
DNMT1 S536-p
EGFR S536-p
ER-alpha S468-p , S536-p
ERR1 K310-ac
FANCC K310-ac , S536-p
GIMAP6 S536-p
GSK3B S276-p , S468-p
HDAC3 K310-ac
IkB-alpha S536-p
IKKA S536-p
IKKB S536-p
IKKE S536-p
IKKE S536-p
IRF1 K310-ac
KTN1 S536-p
LCN2 S536-p
LETMD1 S276-p , S536-p
LMP1 S536-p
MAVS S536-p
MDA5 S536-p
METTL3 S536-p
NDRG1 S536-p
Nik S536-p
NRF2 S536-p
p16-INK4A T505-p
p300 K122-ub , K314-m1 , K315-m1
PCAF K310-ac
PIK3R3 S536-p
Pim1 S276-p
Pim2 S276-p
PKACA K221-ac
PPP2CA S536-p
PTGER2 S276-p , S536-p
PTGER3 S276-p , S536-p
SAMHD1 S536-p
SETD6 S536-p
SIRT1 K314-m1 , K315-m1
SMAD3 K221-ac
SMAD4 K221-ac
SPARC S276-p
STAT3 K218-ac , K221-ac , K310-ac
Tax K310-ac
TBK1 S536-p
TBKBP1 S536-p
TLR3 S276-p , S536-p
TRAF2 S536-p
TRAF3 S536-p
TRAF6 S536-p
USP6 S536-p
WDFY1 S536-p
Wee1 S536-p
yopJ S536-p
ZNF366 K310-ac , S536-p
15d-PGJ2 S536-p
17-beta-estradiol S468-p , S536-p
2-deoxyglucose S529-p
5'-methylthioadenosine K37-m1
A23187 S536-p
acetyl-boswellic_acid S536-p
AG1478 S536-p
AGEs S536-p
AGK2 K310-ac
AH6809 S276-p , S536-p
AK1 K310-ac
Akt-I-1,2 S536-p
Alhagi pseudalhagi Extract S536-p
anacardic acid K310-ac
angiotensin_2 S536-p
antibody S276-p , K310-ac , S311-p , S468-p , S529-p , S536-p
antitrypsin S529-p , S536-p
Auranofin S536-p
AZD1775 S536-p
bacterial infection K221-ac , S536-p
Bay_11-7082 S536-p
belinostat S281-p , K310-ac
beta-amyloid K122-ac
BI-D1870 S536-p
BIRB-0796 K310-ac , S536-p
bisindolylmaleimide S536-p
bortezomib S281-p , K310-ac , S536-p
botulinum_C3_toxin S536-p
C646 K310-ac
Ca(2+) S536-p
caffeine T505-p
calyculin_A T435-p , S468-p , S536-p
cAMP_analog S276-p
cannabidiol S311-p
CCL4 S276-p , S529-p , S536-p
CCL5 S536-p
CDDO-Me S276-p
celastrol S536-p
CHIR99021 S468-p
ciclosporin S529-p , S536-p
cisplatin T505-p , S536-p
CmpdA S536-p
Compound 11 K122-ac
compound_1 S536-p
conditioned medium K310-ac
dasatinib K310-ac , S536-p
daunorubicin T505-p
deferoxamine S536-p
delphinidin S529-p , S536-p
DEN S276-p , S529-p , S536-p
depsipeptide S281-p , K310-ac
dimethylfumarate S276-p , S536-p
DMAT S276-p
DMSO S276-p
double-stranded_RNA S276-p , S536-p
DPI S536-p
EGCG K310-ac
EGF S276-p , S536-p
epoxomicin S536-p
ethanol S276-p , S536-p
etoposide S468-p , T505-p , S536-p
farnesol S276-p , S536-p
fluid_shear_stress S276-p , S536-p
fumaric_acid S276-p
genistein S536-p
glucose T254-p
glucose_starvation S311-p
GM-CSF S536-p
Go_6976 T505-p
gomisin_A S536-p
gomisin_N S536-p
gp120 S311-p
GSK-3_inhibitor_I S468-p
GSK-3_inhibitor_X S536-p
GW_5074 S276-p
H-89 S276-p , S536-p
H2O2 S536-p
heat_shock S536-p
HGF S276-p , S468-p
Huanglianjiedu Decoction S276-p , S468-p , S529-p
Hyoscyamus albus seeds extract T254-p
IFN-gamma R174-m2 , K310-ac , K314-ac , K315-ac , S536-p
IKK-beta_inhibitor_IV S536-p
IL-10 K218-ac , K221-ac , K310-ac
IL-1a S536-p
IL-1b K37-m1 , S276-p , K310-ac , S316-p , S468-p , S529-p , S536-p
IL-4 S536-p
insulin T254-p
ionizing_radiation S468-p , S536-p
ionomycin S468-p , S529-p , S536-p
ischemia S238-p
isoliensinine S536-p
JSH-23 S536-p
LBH-589 S468-p , S536-p
LFM-A13 S536-p
LIGHT S536-p
Lipofectamine S536-p
lithium S468-p , S536-p
LLnL S536-p
lncRNAs S529-p , S536-p
LPL S536-p
LPS S276-p , K310-ac , S529-p , S536-p
LY294002 S276-p , K310-ac , S468-p , S536-p
LysCoA K221-ac
melatonin S536-p
metamfetamine K310-ac
methylhydrogenfumarate S276-p
MG132 S529-p , S536-p
miR-128 K310-ac
MS275 K310-ac
NAC S276-p , S536-p
NADA S536-p
nicotinamide K310-ac , K314-ac , K315-ac
NS398 S276-p , S536-p
okadaic_acid S536-p
Orf virus-encoded protein 002 (ORFV002) S276-p , K310-ac
oscillatory_flow S536-p
PAR1-activating_peptide S276-p
PAR2-activating_peptide S276-p , S536-p
parthenolide S536-p
PD144795 S529-p
PD98059 S276-p , S468-p , S536-p
pemetrexed S536-p
PGE2 S536-p
phorbol_ester S468-p , S529-p , S536-p
piceatannol S529-p
poly(I-C) K310-ac , S536-p
pomegranate_wine S536-p
PP2 S536-p
PP242 S536-p
PS-1145 S468-p
pulsatile shear stress S536-p
RBCs S529-p
resiquimod K310-ac , S536-p
resveratrol K310-ac
S-valproate S276-p , S468-p
SB202190 S276-p , S536-p
SB203580 S276-p , S468-p , S536-p
SC-514 S536-p
SEL24-B489 S276-p
seliciclib S276-p , S536-p
selisistat K310-ac
silmitasertib S529-p
siRNA K122-ub , K221-ac , S276-p , K310-ac , K314-m1 , K315-m1 , S468-p , T505-p , S536-p
skin aging S536-p
SL0101 S276-p
sorafenib S536-p
SP600125 S276-p , S468-p , S536-p
splitomicin K310-ac
status epilepticus S276-p
sulfasalazine S536-p
sulprostone S276-p , S536-p
TAK1_inhibitor S276-p
tamoxifen T505-p
taxol S468-p
testosterone S536-p
TGF-beta K221-ac
thrombin S536-p
TNF K37-m1 , S42-p , S45-p , S131-p , T136-p , R174-m2 , K218-ac , K221-ac , S238-p , T254-p , S261-p , S269-p , S276-p , K310-ac , S311-p , K314-ac , K315-m1 , T435-p , S468-p , S472-p , S529-p , S536-p
TPCA1 S536-p
trichostatin_A K122-ac , K123-ac , K218-ac , K221-ac , K310-ac , K314-ac , K315-ac , S536-p
triptolide S536-p
U0126 S276-p , S536-p
UV S276-p , T505-p , S536-p
UVB S536-p
vanadate S536-p
virus infection S276-p , K310-ac , S311-p , S468-p , S536-p
vorinostat K310-ac , K314-ac , K315-ac , S468-p , S536-p
wortmannin S276-p , S536-p
wounding S536-p
Y27632 S536-p