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Dear PhosphoSitePlus users,

Soon we are going to introduce a new look to our interface and include additional features. But no worries! The scientific content remains unchanged, and remains freely available. We just thought it is time to rethink the design of the website, make it more user-friendly, and add even more content.

And we would love to involve you in the process. If you like PhosphoSitePlus as much as we do, please provide feedback about how we can improve the most comprehensive resource of posttranslational modifications.

Stay tuned, and thank you for your feedback.

Your PhosphoSitePlus team.

New Features include:

  • New Look
  • Cleaner Interface
  • Enhanced Navigation
  • Interactive PTM Plot
  • Feedback Enabled

Preview the new Home Page and Protein Page

New Home page:

New Protein Information page with tabs: