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Site Information
ERKDsEWsLGESPAG   SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Blast this site against: NCBI  SwissProt  PDB 
Site Group ID: 21560209

In vivo Characterization
Methods used to characterize site in vivo:
mass spectrometry ( 2 )
Relevant cell line - cell type - tissue:
liver ( 2 )

Upstream Regulation
Putative in vivo kinases:
PKACA (human) ( 1 )



Ackermann MA, Kontrogianni-Konstantopoulos A (2011) Myosin Binding Protein-C Slow is a Novel Substrate for Protein Kinase A (PKA) and C (PKC) in Skeletal Muscle. J Proteome Res 10, 4547-55
21888435   Curated Info


Villén J, Beausoleil SA, Gerber SA, Gygi SP (2007) Large-scale phosphorylation analysis of mouse liver. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104, 1488-93
17242355   Curated Info