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Phosphorylation Site Page:
Ser59 - CRYAB (cow)

Site Information
PsFLRAPsWIDTGLS   SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Predicted information:  Scansite
Blast this site against: NCBI  SwissProt  PDB 
Site Group ID: 448783

In vivo Characterization
Methods used to characterize site in vivo: [32P] bio-synthetic labeling (3), mass spectrometry (2), mass spectrometry (in vitro) (1), peptide sequencing (3), phosphopeptide mapping (3)
Relevant cell line - cell type - tissue: lens (2, 3)



Bunkenborg J, Falkenby LG, Harder LM, Molina H (2016) Covalent perturbation as a tool for validation of identifications and PTM mapping applied to bovine alpha-crystallin. Proteomics 16, 545-53
26644245   Curated Info


Viner RI, Zhang T, Second T, Zabrouskov V (2009) Quantification of post-translationally modified peptides of bovine alpha-crystallin using tandem mass tags and electron transfer dissociation. J Proteomics 72, 874-85
19245863   Curated Info


Chiesa R, Gawinowicz-Kolks MA, Kleiman NJ, Spector A (1988) Definition and comparison of the phosphorylation sites of the A and B chains of bovine alpha-crystallin. Exp Eye Res 46, 199-208
3350065   Curated Info

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