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Site Information
AsMDNNskFAkSRSR   SwissProt Entrez-Gene
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Site Group ID: 4253200

Downstream Regulation
Effects of modification on FOXO1A:
intracellular localization ( 4 ) , molecular association, regulation ( 5 ) , phosphorylation ( 4 )
Inhibit interaction with:
DNA ( 5 )



Sewastianik T, et al. (2016) FOXO1 is a TXN- and p300-dependent sensor and effector of oxidative stress in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas characterized by increased oxidative metabolism. Oncogene 35, 5989-6000
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Sutendra G, et al. (2014) A Nuclear Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Is Important for the Generation of Acetyl-CoA and Histone Acetylation. Cell 158, 84-97
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Qiang L, Banks AS, Accili D (2010) Uncoupling of acetylation from phosphorylation regulates FoxO1 function independent of its subcellular localization. J Biol Chem 285, 27396-401
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Brent MM, Anand R, Marmorstein R (2008) Structural basis for DNA recognition by FoxO1 and its regulation by posttranslational modification. Structure 16, 1407-16
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