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Site Information
TRPPAsPsPQRQAGP   SwissProt Entrez-Gene
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Site Group ID: 448377

In vivo Characterization
Methods used to characterize site in vivo:
mass spectrometry ( 2 ) , peptide sequencing ( 2 )

Upstream Regulation
Kinases, in vitro:
CDK5 (cow) ( 2 ) , CDK5 (human) ( 1 )

Downstream Regulation
Effects of modification on SYN1:
molecular association, regulation ( 1 )
Induce interaction with:
ACTB (rat) ( 1 )



Verstegen AM, et al. (2014) Phosphorylation of Synapsin I by Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-5 Sets the Ratio between the Resting and Recycling Pools of Synaptic Vesicles at Hippocampal Synapses. J Neurosci 34, 7266-80
24849359   Curated Info


Matsubara M, et al. (1996) Site-specific phosphorylation of synapsin I by mitogen-activated protein kinase and Cdk5 and its effects on physiological functions. J Biol Chem 271, 21108-13
8702879   Curated Info