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Acetylation Site Page:
Lys14 - H3 (rat)

Site Information
ARkstGGkAPRkQLA   SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Predicted information:  Scansite
Blast this site against: NCBI  SwissProt  PDB 
Site Group ID: 458954

In vivo Characterization
Methods used to characterize site in vivo: immunoprecipitation (7), mass spectrometry (2), phospho-antibody (7, 8, 10), western blotting (10)
Disease tissue studied: liver cancer (7), hepatocellular carcinoma (7)
Relevant cell line - cell type - tissue: 'brain, hippocampus' (10), 'fat, brown' (2), brain (2), HL1C (hepatocyte) (7), intestine (2), lung (2), RAEC (endothelial) (8), spleen (2)

Controlled by
Treatments: contextual fear conditioning (10), DDTC (10), glucose (7), oxysterol (8), SSZ (10)

Downstream Regulation
Effects of modification on biological processes: chromatin organization, altered (10), transcription, induced (10)



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