ARF GAP1 GTPase-activating protein (GAP) for the ADP ribosylation factor 1 (ARF1). Involved in membrane trafficking and /or vesicle transport. Promotes hydrolysis of the ARF1-bound GTP and thus, is required for the dissociation of coat proteins from Golgi-derived membranes and vesicles, a prerequisite for vesicle's fusion with target compartment. Probably regulates ARF1-mediated transport via its interaction with the KDELR proteins and TMED2. Overexpression induces the redistribution of the entire Golgi complex to the endoplasmic reticulum, as when ARF1 is deactivated. Its activity is stimulated by phosphoinosides and inhibited by phosphatidylcholine. 5 alternatively spliced human isoforms have been reported. Note: This description may include information from UniProtKB.
Protein type: GAP; GAP, ARF; Motility/polarity/chemotaxis
Chromosomal Location of human Ortholog: 20q13.33
Cellular Component:  cytosol; postsynaptic density; synapse
Molecular Function:  GTPase activator activity; metal ion binding; protein binding
Biological Process:  ER to Golgi vesicle-mediated transport; IRE1-mediated unfolded protein response; positive regulation of GTPase activity; protein transport; retrograde vesicle-mediated transport, Golgi to ER
Reference #:  Q8N6T3 (UniProtKB)
Alt. Names/Synonyms: ADP ribosylation factor GTPase activating protein 1; ADP-ribosylation factor 1 GTPase activating protein; ADP-ribosylation factor 1 GTPase-activating protein; ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase activating protein 1; ADP-ribosylation factor GTPase-activating protein 1; ARF GAP 1; ARF GAP1; ARF1 GAP; ARF1-directed GTPase-activating protein; ARF1GAP; ARFG1; ARFGAP1; GAP protein; HRIHFB2281; MGC39924
Gene Symbols: ARFGAP1
Molecular weight: 44,668 Da
Basal Isoelectric point: 5.46  Predict pI for various phosphorylation states
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