MZF-1 Binds to target promoter DNA and functions as transcription regulator. Regulates transcription from the PADI1 and CDH2 promoter. May be one regulator of transcriptional events during hemopoietic development. Belongs to the krueppel C2H2-type zinc-finger protein family. Preferentially expressed in differentiating myeloid cells. Detected in osteoblasts. 3 alternatively spliced human isoforms have been reported. Note: This description may include information from UniProtKB.
Protein type: C2H2-type zinc finger protein; DNA-binding; Transcription factor
Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 19q13.43
Cellular Component:  nucleus
Molecular Function:  DNA-binding transcription activator activity, RNA polymerase II-specific; DNA-binding transcription factor activity; DNA-binding transcription factor activity, RNA polymerase II-specific; DNA-binding transcription repressor activity, RNA polymerase II-specific; metal ion binding; protein binding; protein homodimerization activity; RNA polymerase II proximal promoter sequence-specific DNA binding; transcription regulatory region DNA binding
Biological Process:  negative regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II; positive regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II; regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
Reference #:  P28698 (UniProtKB)
Alt. Names/Synonyms: Myeloid zinc finger 1; MZF; MZF-1; MZF1; MZF1B; Zfp98; Zinc finger and SCAN domain-containing protein 6; Zinc finger protein 42; zinc finger protein 42 (myeloid-specific retinoic acid-responsive); ZNF42; ZSCAN6
Gene Symbols: MZF1
Molecular weight: 82,055 Da
Basal Isoelectric point: 8.59  Predict pI for various phosphorylation states
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