ST8SIA2 May transfer sialic acid through alpha-2,8-linkages to the alpha-2,3-linked and alpha-2,6-linked sialic acid of N-linked oligosaccharides of glycoproteins and may be involved in PSA (polysialic acid) expression. Belongs to the glycosyltransferase 29 family. Highly expressed in fetal brain, kidney and heart and to a much lesser extent in adult heart and thymus. Note: This description may include information from UniProtKB.
Protein type: EC 2.4.99.-; Glycan Metabolism - glycosphingolipid biosynthesis - ganglio series; Membrane protein, integral; Transferase
Chromosomal Location of human Ortholog: 15q26.1
Cellular Component:  early endosome; Golgi membrane; perinuclear region of cytoplasm; plasma membrane; recycling endosome
Molecular Function:  alpha-N-acetylneuraminate alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase activity; sialic acid binding
Biological Process:  carbohydrate metabolic process; ganglioside biosynthetic process; N-glycan processing; nervous system development; neuron projection extension; oligosaccharide metabolic process; positive regulation of neuron death; positive regulation of synapse assembly; protein glycosylation; protein modification process; response to cocaine; sialylation
Reference #:  Q92186 (UniProtKB)
Alt. Names/Synonyms: Alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 8B; alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 8B 1; HsT19690; MGC116854; MGC116857; SIA8B; sialyltransferase 8 (alpha-2, 8-sialytransferase) B; Sialyltransferase 8B; Sialyltransferase St8Sia II; Sialyltransferase X; Sialytransferase St8Sia II; SIAT8-B; SIAT8B; ST8 alpha-N-acetyl-neuraminide alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 2; ST8 alpha-N-acetylneuraminate alpha-2,8-sialyltransferase 2; ST8SIA-II; ST8SIA2; ST8SiaII; STX
Gene Symbols: ST8SIA2
Molecular weight: 42,430 Da
Basal Isoelectric point: 9.48  Predict pI for various phosphorylation states
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