HIPK3 iso2 homeodomain interacting protein kinase 3 is a CMGC kinase of the DYRK family. Phosphorylates FADD and inhibits fas-mediated Jun NH(2)-terminal kinase activation. Note: This description may include information from UniProtKB.
Protein type: EC; Kinase, protein; Nuclear receptor co-regulator; Protein kinase, CMGC; Protein kinase, Ser/Thr (non-receptor)
Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 11p13
Cellular Component:  cytosol; nuclear body; PML body
Molecular Function:  ATP binding; protein kinase activity; protein serine/threonine kinase activity
Biological Process:  apoptotic process; mRNA transcription; negative regulation of apoptotic process; negative regulation of JUN kinase activity; peptidyl-serine phosphorylation; peptidyl-threonine phosphorylation; protein phosphorylation
Reference #:  Q9H422-2 (UniProtKB)
Alt. Names/Synonyms: Fas-interacting serine/threonine-protein kinase?; FIST; HIPK3; homeodomain interacting protein kinase 3; Homeodomain-interacting protein kinase 3
Gene Symbols: HIPK3
Molecular weight: 131,256 Da
Basal Isoelectric point: 7.42  Predict pI for various phosphorylation states
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HIPK3 iso2

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