ZO1 TJP1, TJP2, and TJP3 are closely related scaffolding proteins that link tight junction (TJ) transmembrane proteins such as claudins, junctional adhesion molecules, and occludin to the actin cytoskeleton. The tight junction acts to limit movement of substances through the paracellular space and as a boundary between the compositionally distinct apical and basolateral plasma membrane domains of epithelial and endothelial cells. Necessary for lumenogenesis, and particularly efficient epithelial polarization and barrier formation. Plays a role in the regulation of cell migration by targeting CDC42BPB to the leading edge of migrating cells. Plays an important role in podosome formation and associated function, thus regulating cell adhesion and matrix remodeling. With TJP2 and TJP3, participates to the junctional retention and stability of the transcription factor DBPA, but is not involved in its shuttling to the nucleus. Belongs to the MAGUK family. The alpha-containing isoform is found in most epithelial cell junctions. The short isoform is found both in endothelial cells and the highly specialized epithelial junctions of renal glomeruli and Sertoli cells of the seminiferous tubules. 2 alternatively spliced human isoforms have been reported. Note: This description may include information from UniProtKB.
Protein type: Adaptor/scaffold; Motility/polarity/chemotaxis
Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 15q13.1
Cellular Component:  apical junction complex; apical part of cell; basolateral plasma membrane; bicellular tight junction; cell junction; cell projection; cell-cell adherens junction; cytoplasm; cytosol; gap junction; plasma membrane; podosome
Molecular Function:  calmodulin binding; protein binding
Biological Process:  cell-cell junction assembly; cell-cell signaling involved in cell-cell junction organization; establishment of endothelial intestinal barrier; hippo signaling; regulation of bicellular tight junction assembly
Reference #:  Q07157 (UniProtKB)
Alt. Names/Synonyms: DKFZp686M05161; MGC133289; Tight junction protein 1; tight junction protein 1 (zona occludens 1); Tight junction protein ZO-1; TJP1; ZO-1; ZO1; zona occludens 1; Zona occludens protein 1; zonula occludens 1 protein; Zonula occludens protein 1
Gene Symbols: TJP1
Molecular weight: 195,459 Da
Basal Isoelectric point: 6.24  Predict pI for various phosphorylation states
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