TAF140 Transcription factor TFIID is one of the general factors required for accurate and regulated initiation by RNA polymerase II. TFIID is a multimeric protein complex that plays a central role in mediating promoter responses to various activators and repressors. Required in complex with TBPL2 for the differentiation of myoblasts into myocytes. The complex replaces TFIID at specific promoters at an early stage in the differentiation process. Belongs to the TAF3 family. Note: This description may include information from UniProtKB.
Protein type: Transcription initiation complex
Chromosomal Location of mouse Ortholog: 2|2 A1
Cellular Component:  male germ cell nucleus; nuclear membrane; nucleoplasm; nucleus; transcription factor TFIID complex
Molecular Function:  metal ion binding; p53 binding; protein binding; protein heterodimerization activity; transcription regulator inhibitor activity
Biological Process:  maintenance of protein location in nucleus; mRNA transcription by RNA polymerase II; negative regulation of DNA-binding transcription factor activity; negative regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II; positive regulation of transcription initiation by RNA polymerase II; protein phosphorylation; regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II; RNA polymerase II preinitiation complex assembly; transcription by RNA polymerase II
Reference #:  Q5HZG4 (UniProtKB)
Alt. Names/Synonyms: 140 kDa TATA box-binding protein-associated factor; 140kDa; 4933439M23Rik; AW539625; mTAFII; mTAFII140; OTTMUSP00000012021; RNA polymerase II transcription factor, TFIID subunit; TAF(II)140; TAF140; Taf3; TAF3 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor; TAF3 RNA polymerase II, TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, 140kDa; TAFII-140; TAFII140; TATA-box binding protein associated factor 3; TBP-associated factor 3; Transcription initiation factor TFIID 140 kDa subunit; Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 3
Gene Symbols: Taf3
Molecular weight: 105,115 Da
Basal Isoelectric point: 9.25  Predict pI for various phosphorylation states
CST Pathways:  Protein Acetylation
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