CYFIP2 Involved in T-cell adhesion and p53/TP53-dependent induction of apoptosis. Does not bind RNA. As component of the WAVE1 complex, required for BDNF-NTRK2 endocytic trafficking and signaling from early endosomes. Belongs to the CYFIP family. Expressed in T-cells. Increased expression is observed in CD4(+) T-lymphocytes from patients with multiple sclerosis (at protein level). 2 alternatively spliced human isoforms have been reported. Note: This description may include information from UniProtKB.
Protein type: Cell adhesion; Motility/polarity/chemotaxis
Chromosomal Location of Human Ortholog: 11|11 B1.1
Cellular Component:  cell junction; cytoplasm; neuron projection; nucleus; perinuclear region of cytoplasm; synapse
Molecular Function:  protein binding
Biological Process:  activation of cysteine-type endopeptidase activity; apoptotic process; axon guidance; cell adhesion; cell morphogenesis; cell projection assembly; cell-cell adhesion; dendrite extension; neuron projection development; positive regulation of neurotrophin TRK receptor signaling pathway; positive regulation of proteolysis
Reference #:  Q5SQX6 (UniProtKB)
Alt. Names/Synonyms: 1500004I01Rik; 6430511D02Rik; AA930218; AU022376; Cyfip2; CYFP2; cytoplasmic FMR1 interacting protein 2; Cytoplasmic FMR1-interacting protein 2; Kiaa1168; mKIAA1168; OTTMUSP00000005638; p53-inducible protein 121; Pir121
Gene Symbols: Cyfip2
Molecular weight: 145,659 Da
Basal Isoelectric point: 6.64  Predict pI for various phosphorylation states
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