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Agarwal S, Bell CM, Rothbart SB, Moran RG (2015) AMP-activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Control of mTORC1 Is p53- and TSC2-independent in Pemetrexed-treated Carcinoma Cells. J Biol Chem 290, 27473-86 26391395
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T70-p - 4E-BP1 (human)
Modsite: rNsPVtktPPRDLPt SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
4E‑BP1 (human): T70‑p, 4E‑BP1 (mouse): T69‑p, 4E‑BP1 (rat): T69‑p, 4E‑BP1 (fruit fly): T70‑p, 4E‑BP1 (cow): T70‑p

T172-p - AMPKA2 (human)
Modsite: sDGEFLRtsCGsPNy SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
AMPKA2 (human): T172‑p, AMPKA2 (mouse): T172‑p, AMPKA2 (rat): T172‑p, AMPKA2 (pig): T172‑p

S296-p - Chk1 (human)
Modsite: GFskHIQsNLDFsPV SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Chk1 (human): S296‑p, Chk1 (mouse): S296‑p, Chk1 (rat): S296‑p, Chk1 (chicken): S296‑p

S345-p - Chk1 (human)
Modsite: LVQGIsFsQPtCPDH SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Chk1 (human): S345‑p, Chk1 (mouse): S345‑p, Chk1 (rat): S345‑p, Chk1 (chicken): S345‑p

T68-p - Chk2 (human)
Modsite: SsLEtVstQELYsIP SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Chk2 (human): T68‑p, Chk2 iso9 (human): T68‑p, Chk2 iso11 (human): T68‑p, Chk2 iso12 (human): T68‑p, Chk2 (mouse): T77‑p, Chk2 (rat): T76‑p

S516-p - Chk2 (human)
Modsite: PQVLAQPstSRKRPR SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Chk2 (human): S516‑p, Chk2 iso9 (human): S559‑p, Chk2 iso11 (human): S198‑p, Chk2 iso12 (human): S487‑p, Chk2 (mouse): S520‑p, Chk2 (rat): S519‑p

S139-p - H2AX (human)
Modsite: GkkAtQAsQEy____ SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
H2AX (human): S139‑p, H2AX (mouse): S139‑p, H2AX (rat): S139‑p

S15-p - p53 (human)
Modsite: PsVEPPLsQEtFsDL SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
p53 (human): S15‑p, p53 iso2 (human): S15‑p, p53 iso4 (human): , p53 (mouse): S18‑p, p53 iso2 (mouse): S18‑p, p53 (rat): S15‑p, p53 (rabbit): S15‑p, p53 (green monkey): S15‑p

S20-p - p53 (human)
Modsite: PLsQEtFsDLWkLLP SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
p53 (human): S20‑p, p53 iso2 (human): S20‑p, p53 iso4 (human): , p53 (mouse): S23‑p, p53 iso2 (mouse): S23‑p, p53 (rat): S20‑p, p53 (rabbit): S20‑p, p53 (green monkey): S20‑p

S37-p - p53 (human)
Modsite: NVLsPLPsQAMDDLM SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
p53 (human): S37‑p, p53 iso2 (human): S37‑p, p53 iso4 (human): , p53 (mouse): , p53 iso2 (mouse): , p53 (rat): T37‑p, p53 (rabbit): S35‑p, p53 (green monkey): S37‑p

S46-p - p53 (human)
Modsite: AMDDLMLsPDDIEQW SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
p53 (human): S46‑p, p53 iso2 (human): S46‑p, p53 iso4 (human): S7‑p, p53 (mouse): , p53 iso2 (mouse): , p53 (rat): , p53 (rabbit): S45‑p, p53 (green monkey): S46‑p

K373-ac - p53 (human)
Modsite: sSHLkskkGQstsRH SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
p53 (human): K373‑ac, p53 iso2 (human): , p53 iso4 (human): K334‑ac, p53 (mouse): K370‑ac, p53 iso2 (mouse): , p53 (rat): K371‑ac, p53 (rabbit): K371‑ac, p53 (green monkey): K373‑ac

K382-ac - p53 (human)
Modsite: QstsRHkkLMFktEG SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
p53 (human): K382‑ac, p53 iso2 (human): , p53 iso4 (human): K343‑ac, p53 (mouse): K379‑ac, p53 iso2 (mouse): , p53 (rat): K380‑ac, p53 (rabbit): K380‑ac, p53 (green monkey): K382‑ac

S392-p - p53 (human)
Modsite: FktEGPDsD______ SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
p53 (human): S392‑p, p53 iso2 (human): , p53 iso4 (human): S353‑p, p53 (mouse): S389‑p, p53 iso2 (mouse): , p53 (rat): S390‑p, p53 (rabbit): S390‑p, p53 (green monkey): S392‑p

T412-p - p70S6K (human)
Modsite: NQVFLGFtyVAPsVL SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
p70S6K (human): T412‑p, p70S6K iso2 (human): T389‑p, p70S6K (mouse): T412‑p, p70S6K (rat): T412‑p, p70S6K iso2 (rat): T389‑p, p70S6K (fruit fly): T398‑p

S792-p - Raptor (human)
Modsite: DKMRRAssYSsLNSL SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Raptor (human): S792‑p, Raptor (mouse): S792‑p, Raptor (rat): S792‑p

S1387-p - TSC2 (human)
Modsite: QPLsKssssPELQtL SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
TSC2 (human): S1387‑p, TSC2 iso2 (human): S1344‑p, TSC2 iso3 (human): S1343‑p, TSC2 iso4 (human): S1364‑p, TSC2 (mouse): S1388‑p, TSC2 iso6 (mouse): S1366‑p, TSC2 (rat): S1389‑p, TSC2 iso2 (rat): S1346‑p