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Wang JZ, et al. (1998) Tau is phosphorylated by GSK-3 at several sites found in Alzheimer disease and its biological activity markedly inhibited only after it is prephosphorylated by A-kinase. FEBS Lett 436, 28-34 9771888
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T181-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: KTPPAPKtPPsSGEP SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): T498‑p, Tau iso2 (human): T123‑p, Tau iso3 (human): T87‑p, Tau iso4 (human): T152‑p, Tau iso5 (human): T181‑p, Tau iso6 (human): T123‑p, Tau iso7 (human): T152‑p, Tau iso8 (human): T181‑p, Tau (mouse): T473‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): T170‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): T112‑p, Tau (rat): T492‑p, Tau (cow): T172‑p

S184-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: PAPKtPPsSGEPPKS SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S501‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S126‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S90‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S155‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S184‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S126‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S155‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S184‑p, Tau (mouse): G476‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): G173‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): G115‑p, Tau (rat): G495‑p, Tau (cow): S173‑p

S195-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: PPKSGDRsGYssPGs SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S512‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S137‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S101‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S166‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S195‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S137‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S166‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S195‑p, Tau (mouse): S487‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S184‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S144‑p, Tau (rat): S506‑p, Tau (cow): S202‑p

S198-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: SGDRsGYssPGsPGt SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S515‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S140‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S104‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S169‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S198‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S140‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S169‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S198‑p, Tau (mouse): S490‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S187‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S147‑p, Tau (rat): S509‑p, Tau (cow): S205‑p

S199-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: GDRsGYssPGsPGtP SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S516‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S141‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S105‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S170‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S199‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S141‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S170‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S199‑p, Tau (mouse): S491‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S188‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S148‑p, Tau (rat): S510‑p, Tau (cow): S206‑p

S202-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: sGYssPGsPGtPGSR SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S519‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S144‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S108‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S173‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S202‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S144‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S173‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S202‑p, Tau (mouse): S494‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S191‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S151‑p, Tau (rat): S513‑p, Tau (cow): S209‑p

T205-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: ssPGsPGtPGSRSRT SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): T522‑p, Tau iso2 (human): T147‑p, Tau iso3 (human): T111‑p, Tau iso4 (human): T176‑p, Tau iso5 (human): T205‑p, Tau iso6 (human): T147‑p, Tau iso7 (human): T176‑p, Tau iso8 (human): T205‑p, Tau (mouse): T497‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): T194‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): T154‑p, Tau (rat): T516‑p, Tau (cow): T212‑p

T231-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: KKVAVVRtPPKsPSS SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): T548‑p, Tau iso2 (human): T173‑p, Tau iso3 (human): T137‑p, Tau iso4 (human): T202‑p, Tau iso5 (human): T231‑p, Tau iso6 (human): T173‑p, Tau iso7 (human): T202‑p, Tau iso8 (human): T231‑p, Tau (mouse): T523‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): T220‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): T180‑p, Tau (rat): T542‑p, Tau (cow): T238‑p

S235-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: VVRtPPKsPSSAKSR SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S552‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S177‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S141‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S206‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S235‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S177‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S206‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S235‑p, Tau (mouse): S527‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S224‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S184‑p, Tau (rat): S546‑p, Tau (cow): S242‑p

S262-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: NVKSKIGsTENLKHQ SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S579‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S204‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S168‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S233‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S262‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S204‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S233‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S262‑p, Tau (mouse): S554‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S251‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S211‑p, Tau (rat): S573‑p, Tau (cow): S269‑p

S325-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: RVQSKIGsLDNITHV SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S673‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S267‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S231‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S296‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S325‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S298‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S327‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S356‑p, Tau (mouse): S648‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S345‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S305‑p, Tau (rat): S667‑p, Tau (cow): S363‑p

S369-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: VYKsPVVsGDTsPRH SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S717‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S311‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S275‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S340‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S369‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S342‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S371‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S400‑p, Tau (mouse): S692‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S389‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S349‑p, Tau (rat): S711‑p, Tau (cow): S407‑p

S373-p - Tau iso5 (human)
Modsite: PVVsGDTsPRHLSNV SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S721‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S315‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S279‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S344‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S373‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S346‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S375‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S404‑p, Tau (mouse): S696‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S393‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S353‑p, Tau (rat): S715‑p, Tau (cow): S411‑p