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Nie J, Duan L, Yan Z, Niu Q (2013) Tau hyperphosphorylation is associated with spatial learning and memory after exposure to benzo[a]pyrene in SD rats. Neurotox Res 24, 461-71 23508864
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T492-p - Tau (rat)
Modsite: KtTPsPKtPPGSGEP SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): T498‑p, Tau iso2 (human): T123‑p, Tau iso3 (human): T87‑p, Tau iso4 (human): T152‑p, Tau iso5 (human): T181‑p, Tau iso6 (human): T123‑p, Tau iso7 (human): T152‑p, Tau iso8 (human): T181‑p, Tau (mouse): T473‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): T170‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): T112‑p, Tau (rat): T492‑p, Tau (cow): T172‑p

S510-p - Tau (rat)
Modsite: GERSGyssPGsPGtP SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S516‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S141‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S105‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S170‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S199‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S141‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S170‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S199‑p, Tau (mouse): S491‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S188‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S148‑p, Tau (rat): S510‑p, Tau (cow): S206‑p

T542-p - Tau (rat)
Modsite: KKVAVVRtPPKsPSA SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): T548‑p, Tau iso2 (human): T173‑p, Tau iso3 (human): T137‑p, Tau iso4 (human): T202‑p, Tau iso5 (human): T231‑p, Tau iso6 (human): T173‑p, Tau iso7 (human): T202‑p, Tau iso8 (human): T231‑p, Tau (mouse): T523‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): T220‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): T180‑p, Tau (rat): T542‑p, Tau (cow): T238‑p

S707-p - Tau (rat)
Modsite: GAEIVyKsPVVsGDt SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
Tau (human): S713‑p, Tau iso2 (human): S307‑p, Tau iso3 (human): S271‑p, Tau iso4 (human): S336‑p, Tau iso5 (human): S365‑p, Tau iso6 (human): S338‑p, Tau iso7 (human): S367‑p, Tau iso8 (human): S396‑p, Tau (mouse): S688‑p, Tau iso3 (mouse): S385‑p, Tau iso7 (mouse): S345‑p, Tau (rat): S707‑p, Tau (cow): S403‑p