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Liu Y, et al. (2017) The Ubiquitination of PINK1 Is Restricted to Its Mature 52-kDa Form. Cell Rep 20, 30-39 28683321
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K137-ub - PINK1 (human)
Modsite: AIFTQKSkPGPDPLD SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
PINK1 (human): K137‑ub, PINK1 (mouse): K137‑ub, PINK1 (rat): K137‑ub
Upstream Regulation
Treatments, proteins and their effect on site modification: 
Treatments Referenced Treatments Manipulated Protein Referenced Protein Effect Notes
valinomycin decrease
PARK2 (human) no change compared to control siRNA
MULAN (human) no change compared to control siRNA
MARCH5 (human) no change compared to control siRNA
Downstream Regulation
Effect of modification (function):  protein degradation