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Zheng L, et al. (2018) Phosphorylation of Cx43 residue Y313 by Src contributes to blocking the interaction with Drebrin and disassembling gap junctions. J Mol Cell Cardiol 126, 36-49 30448479
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Y247-p - GJA1 (human)
Modsite: VKGksDPyHAtsGAL SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
GJA1 (human): Y247‑p, GJA1 (mouse): Y247‑p, GJA1 (rat): Y247‑p, GJA1 (rabbit): Y247‑p, GJA1 (pig): Y247‑p, GJA1 (hamster): Y247‑p, GJA1 (cow): Y248‑p

Y265-p - GJA1 (human)
Modsite: kDCGsQkyAyFNGCs SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
GJA1 (human): Y265‑p, GJA1 (mouse): Y265‑p, GJA1 (rat): Y265‑p, GJA1 (rabbit): Y265‑p, GJA1 (pig): Y265‑p, GJA1 (hamster): Y265‑p, GJA1 (cow): Y266‑p

Y313-p - GJA1 (human)
Modsite: sEQNWANysAEQNRM SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Orthologous residues
GJA1 (human): Y313‑p, GJA1 (mouse): Y313‑p, GJA1 (rat): Y313‑p, GJA1 (rabbit): Y313‑p, GJA1 (pig): Y313‑p, GJA1 (hamster): Y313‑p, GJA1 (cow): Y314‑p