Site Group Page (References Reporting Low Throughput Detection Method)
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Site Group Page (References Reporting Low Throughput Detection Method)

Site Information
Nur77 (human) S140-p GSPCSAPsPSTPSFQ 1, 2
Nur77 (mouse) S142-p GSPCSAPsPSTPNFQ 3
Nur77 (rat) S139-p GSPCSAPsPPTPNFQ



Chen HZ, et al. (2012) Prolyl isomerase Pin1 stabilizes and activates orphan nuclear receptor TR3 to promote mitogenesis. Oncogene 31, 2876-87
22002310   Curated Info


Han YH, et al. (2006) Regulation of Nur77 nuclear export by c-Jun N-terminal kinase and Akt. Oncogene 25, 2974-86
16434970   Curated Info


Katagiri Y, et al. (2000) Modulation of retinoid signalling through NGF-induced nuclear export of NGFI-B. Nat Cell Biol 2, 435-40
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