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BRAF (human) S151-p VARsNPKsPQKPIVR Links 1, 2, 3
BRAF (mouse) S135-p ASRNNPKsPQKPIVR Links 1
BRAF (chicken) S151-p MSRNNPKsPQKPIVR Links 1



Eisenhardt AE, et al. (2016) Phospho-proteomic analyses of B-Raf protein complexes reveal new regulatory principles. Oncotarget 7, 26628-52
27034005   Curated Info


Marquette A, et al. (2011) ERK and PDE4 cooperate to induce RAF isoform switching in melanoma. Nat Struct Mol Biol 18, 584-91
21478863   Curated Info


Ritt DA, Monson DM, Specht SI, Morrison DK (2010) Impact of feedback phosphorylation and Raf heterodimerization on normal and mutant B-Raf signaling. Mol Cell Biol 30, 806-19
19933846   Curated Info

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