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BRAF (human) S151-p VARSNPKsPQKPIVR Links 1, 2, 3
BRAF (mouse) S135-p ASRNNPKsPQKPIVR Links 1
BRAF (chicken) S151-p MSRNNPKsPQKPIVR Links 1



Eisenhardt AE, et al. (2016) Phospho-proteomic analyses of B-Raf protein complexes reveal new regulatory principles. Oncotarget
27034005   Curated Info


Marquette A, et al. (2011) ERK and PDE4 cooperate to induce RAF isoform switching in melanoma. Nat Struct Mol Biol 18, 584-91
21478863   Curated Info


Ritt DA, Monson DM, Specht SI, Morrison DK (2010) Impact of feedback phosphorylation and Raf heterodimerization on normal and mutant B-Raf signaling. Mol Cell Biol 30, 806-19
19933846   Curated Info

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