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plakophilin 4 (human) S80-p AESPSIAsTSSTEKS 1, 3
plakophilin 4 iso2 (human) S80-p AESPSIAsTSSTEKS
plakophilin 4 iso4 (human) - gap
plakophilin 4 (mouse) S80-p AESPSIAsTSSTEKS 2
plakophilin 4 iso2 (mouse) S80-p AESPSIAsTSSTEKS
plakophilin 4 iso3 (mouse) S80-p AESPSIAsTSSTEKS
plakophilin 4 (rat) S80-p AESPSIAsTSSTEKS



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Huttlin EL, et al. (2010) A tissue-specific atlas of mouse protein phosphorylation and expression. Cell 143, 1174-89
21183079   Curated Info


Christensen GL, et al. (2010) Quantitative phosphoproteomics dissection of seven-transmembrane receptor signaling using full and biased agonists. Mol Cell Proteomics 9, 1540-53
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