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Iezaki T, et al. (2016) The transcriptional modulator Ifrd1 regulates osteoclast differentiation through enhancing NF-κB/NFATc1 pathway. Mol Cell Biol
27381458   Curated Info


Li Z, et al. (2016) USP4 inhibits p53 and NF-κB through deubiquitinating and stabilizing HDAC2. Oncogene 35, 2902-12
26411366   Curated Info


Ryu SH, et al. (2016) Protective effect of α-lipoic acid against radiation-induced fibrosis in mice. Oncotarget 7, 15554-65
26799284   Curated Info


Iezaki T, et al. (2016) The Transcriptional Modulator Interferon-Related Developmental Regulator 1 in Osteoblasts Suppresses Bone Formation and Promotes Bone Resorption. J Bone Miner Res 31, 573-84
26391411   Curated Info


Duarte DA, et al. (2016) Conditioned Medium from Early-Outgrowth Bone Marrow Cells Is Retinal Protective in Experimental Model of Diabetes. PLoS One 11, e0147978
26836609   Curated Info


Bagul PK, Deepthi N, Sultana R, Banerjee SK (2015) Resveratrol ameliorates cardiac oxidative stress in diabetes through deacetylation of NFkB-p65 and histone 3. J Nutr Biochem 26, 1298-307
26298192   Curated Info


Søndergaard JN, et al. (2015) DC-SCRIPT Regulates IL-10 Production in Human Dendritic Cells by Modulating NF-κBp65 Activation. J Immunol 195, 1498-505
26170389   Curated Info


Yuk JM, et al. (2015) Orphan Nuclear Receptor ERRα Controls Macrophage Metabolic Signaling and A20 Expression to Negatively Regulate TLR-Induced Inflammation. Immunity 43, 80-91
26200012   Curated Info


Kühnemuth B, et al. (2015) CUX1 modulates polarization of tumor-associated macrophages by antagonizing NF-κB signaling. Oncogene 34, 177-87
24336331   Curated Info


Gurt I, et al. (2015) The Sirt1 Activators SRT2183 and SRT3025 Inhibit RANKL-Induced Osteoclastogenesis in Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophages and Down-Regulate Sirt3 in Sirt1 Null Cells. PLoS One 10, e0134391
26226624   Curated Info


Zou Z, et al. (2014) Brd4 maintains constitutively active NF-κB in cancer cells by binding to acetylated RelA. Oncogene 33, 2395-404
23686307   Curated Info


Sgarbanti M, et al. (2014) IκB Kinase {varepsilon} Targets Interferon Regulatory Factor 1 in Activated T Lymphocytes. Mol Cell Biol 34, 1054-65
24396068   Curated Info


Wu X, et al. (2013) Bromodomain and extraterminal (BET) protein inhibition suppresses human T cell leukemia virus 1 (HTLV-1) Tax protein-mediated tumorigenesis by inhibiting nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) signaling. J Biol Chem 288, 36094-105
24189064   Curated Info


Lin J, et al. (2013) Sirt2 suppresses inflammatory responses in collagen-induced arthritis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 441, 897-903
24211200   Curated Info


Li Y, et al. (2013) Sirt2 suppresses glioma cell growth through targeting NF-κB-miR-21 axis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 441, 661-7
24161395   Curated Info


Pais TF, et al. (2013) The NAD-dependent deacetylase sirtuin 2 is a suppressor of microglial activation and brain inflammation. EMBO J 32, 2603-16
24013120   Curated Info


Kauppinen TM, Gan L, Swanson RA (2013) Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1-induced NAD(+) depletion promotes nuclear factor-κB transcriptional activity by preventing p65 de-acetylation. Biochim Biophys Acta 1833, 1985-91
23597856   Curated Info


Edwards JR, et al. (2013) Silent information regulator (Sir)T1 inhibits NF-κB signaling to maintain normal skeletal remodeling. J Bone Miner Res 28, 960-9
23172686   Curated Info


Gang D, et al. (2013) The tumor suppressor protein menin inhibits NF-κB-mediated transactivation through recruitment of Sirt1 in hepatocellular carcinoma. Mol Biol Rep 40, 2461-6
23224434   Curated Info


Ziesché E, et al. (2013) The coactivator role of histone deacetylase 3 in IL-1-signaling involves deacetylation of p65 NF-κB. Nucleic Acids Res 41, 90-109
23087373   Curated Info


Ning Z, et al. (2013) The N terminus of orf virus-encoded protein 002 inhibits acetylation of NF-κB p65 by preventing Ser(276) phosphorylation. PLoS One 8, e58854
23536830   Curated Info


Sato T, Kotake D, Hiratsuka M, Hirasawa N (2013) Enhancement of inflammatory protein expression and nuclear factor Κb (NF-Κb) activity by trichostatin A (TSA) in OP9 preadipocytes. PLoS One 8, e59702
23555753   Curated Info


Allison DF, et al. (2012) Modification of RelA by O-linked N-acetylglucosamine links glucose metabolism to NF-κB acetylation and transcription. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109, 16888-93
23027940   Curated Info


Kim YJ, et al. (2012) Inhibitory effects of aurentiacin from Syzygium samarangense on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory response in mouse macrophages. Food Chem Toxicol 50, 1027-35
22155221   Curated Info


Clavijo PE, Frauwirth KA (2012) Anergic CD8+ T lymphocytes have impaired NF-κB activation with defects in p65 phosphorylation and acetylation. J Immunol 188, 1213-21
22205033   Curated Info


Lei M, et al. (2012) Resveratrol inhibits interleukin 1β-mediated inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in articular chondrocytes by activating SIRT1 and thereby suppressing nuclear factor-κB activity. Eur J Pharmacol 674, 73-9
22044919   Curated Info


Yang L, et al. (2012) SIRT1 Regulates CD40 Expression Induced by TNF-α via NF-ĸB Pathway in Endothelial Cells. Cell Physiol Biochem 30, 1287-98
23075766   Curated Info


Zhang Y, et al. (2011) AMP-activated protein kinase suppresses endothelial cell inflammation through phosphorylation of transcriptional coactivator p300. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 31, 2897-908
21940946   Curated Info


Brasier AR, et al. (2011) RelA Ser276 phosphorylation-coupled Lys310 acetylation controls transcriptional elongation of inflammatory cytokines in respiratory syncytial virus infection. J Virol 85, 11752-69
21900162   Curated Info


Breitenstein A, et al. (2011) Sirt1 inhibition promotes in vivo arterial thrombosis and tissue factor expression in stimulated cells. Cardiovasc Res 89, 464-72
20978007   Curated Info


Chandrakesan P, et al. (2010) Novel changes in NF-{kappa}B activity during progression and regression phases of hyperplasia: role of MEK, ERK, and p38. J Biol Chem 285, 33485-98
20710027   Curated Info


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20160011   Curated Info


Rajendrasozhan S, et al. (2010) Targeted disruption of NF-{kappa}B1 (p50) augments cigarette smoke-induced lung inflammation and emphysema in mice: a critical role of p50 in chromatin remodeling. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 298, L197-209
19965984   Curated Info


Rothgiesser KM, Fey M, Hottiger MO (2010) Acetylation of p65 at lysine 314 is important for late NF-kappaB-dependent gene expression. BMC Genomics 11, 22
20064247   Curated Info


Lee H, et al. (2009) Persistently activated Stat3 maintains constitutive NF-kappaB activity in tumors. Cancer Cell 15, 283-93
19345327   Curated Info


Yoshizaki T, et al. (2009) SIRT1 exerts anti-inflammatory effects and improves insulin sensitivity in adipocytes. Mol Cell Biol 29, 1363-74
19103747   Curated Info


Huang B, et al. (2009) Brd4 coactivates transcriptional activation of NF-kappaB via specific binding to acetylated RelA. Mol Cell Biol 29, 1375-87
19103749   Curated Info


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18263619   Curated Info


Dai Y, et al. (2008) Interactions between Bortezomib and Romidepsin and Belinostat in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells. Clin Cancer Res 14, 549-58
18223231   Curated Info


Basu S, et al. (2007) Mycobacterium avium-induced matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression occurs in a cyclooxygenase-2-dependent manner and involves phosphorylation- and acetylation-dependent chromatin modification. Cell Microbiol 9, 2804-16
17590163   Curated Info


Saha RN, Jana M, Pahan K (2007) MAPK p38 regulates transcriptional activity of NF-kappaB in primary human astrocytes via acetylation of p65. J Immunol 179, 7101-9
17982102   Curated Info


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17582821   Curated Info


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17371260   Curated Info


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16926151   Curated Info


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12456660   Curated Info


Layman WS, et al. Histone deacetylase inhibition protects hearing against acute ototoxicity by activating the Nf-κB pathway. Cell Death Discov 1
26279947   Curated Info

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