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GATA1 (human) K312-ac RNRKAsGkGkkkRGs Links 2
GATA1 (mouse) K312-ac RNRkAsGkGKKkRGS Links 1, 3, 4
GATA1 (chicken) K218-ac RNRkVSSkGkKRRPP Links 5



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17374603   Curated Info


Lamonica JM, Vakoc CR, Blobel GA (2006) Acetylation of GATA-1 is required for chromatin occupancy. Blood 108, 3736-8
16888089   Curated Info


Hernandez-Hernandez A, et al. (2006) Acetylation and MAPK phosphorylation cooperate to regulate the degradation of active GATA-1. EMBO J 25, 3264-74
16858405   Curated Info


Hung HL, et al. (1999) CREB-Binding protein acetylates hematopoietic transcription factor GATA-1 at functionally important sites. Mol Cell Biol 19, 3496-505
10207073   Curated Info


Boyes J, Byfield P, Nakatani Y, Ogryzko V (1998) Regulation of activity of the transcription factor GATA-1 by acetylation. Nature 396, 594-8
9859997   Curated Info

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