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hnRNP K (human) S353-p DSAIDTWsPSEWQMA Links 1, 3, 4
hnRNP K (mouse) S353-p DSAIDTWsPSEWQMA Links 2
hnRNP K iso2 (mouse) S353-p DSAIDTWsPSEWQMA Links 2



Barboro P, et al. (2013) Androgen Receptor Activity Is Affected by Both Nuclear Matrix Localization and the Phosphorylation Status of the Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein K in Anti-Androgen-Treated LNCaP Cells. PLoS One 8, e79212
24236111   Curated Info


Kimura Y, et al. (2010) Characterization of multiple alternative forms of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K by phosphate-affinity electrophoresis. Proteomics 10, 3884-95
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Habelhah H, et al. (2001) Identification of new JNK substrate using ATP pocket mutant JNK and a corresponding ATP analogue. J Biol Chem 276, 18090-5
11259409   Curated Info


Habelhah H, et al. (2001) ERK phosphorylation drives cytoplasmic accumulation of hnRNP-K and inhibition of mRNA translation. Nat Cell Biol 3, 325-30
11231586   Curated Info

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