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Ortega-Atienza S, Rubis B, McCarthy C, Zhitkovich A (2016) Formaldehyde Is a Potent Proteotoxic Stressor Causing Rapid Heat Shock Factor Protein 1 Activation and Lys48-Linked Polyubiquitination of Proteins. Am J Pathol
27639166   Curated Info


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27029031   Curated Info


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26960975   Curated Info


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26675349   Curated Info


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26572825   Curated Info


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26811421   Curated Info


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26620371   Curated Info


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27176072   Curated Info


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26166705   Curated Info


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26082189   Curated Info


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26237679   Curated Info


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25965828   Curated Info


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25043304   Curated Info


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25690891   Curated Info


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24632611   Curated Info


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26658951   Curated Info


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24876101   Curated Info


Kubota S, et al. (2014) Activation of the Prereplication Complex Is Blocked by Mimosine through Reactive Oxygen Species-activated Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) Protein without DNA Damage. J Biol Chem 289, 5730-46
24421316   Curated Info


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23318425   Curated Info


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24901225   Curated Info


FitzGerald J, et al. (2014) A High Through-Put Screen for Small Molecules Modulating MCM2 Phosphorylation Identifies Ryuvidine as an Inducer of the DNA Damage Response. PLoS One 9, e98891
24902048   Curated Info


Yamada M, et al. (2013) ATR-Chk1-APC/CCdh1-dependent stabilization of Cdc7-ASK (Dbf4) kinase is required for DNA lesion bypass under replication stress. Genes Dev 27, 2459-72
24240236   Curated Info


Couch FB, et al. (2013) ATR phosphorylates SMARCAL1 to prevent replication fork collapse. Genes Dev 27, 1610-23
23873943   Curated Info


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23533280   Curated Info


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23454898   Curated Info


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24253929   Curated Info


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22863316   Curated Info


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22123827   Curated Info


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22037398   Curated Info


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21908846   Curated Info


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21532626   Curated Info


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21907702   Curated Info


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20599567   Curated Info


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20639859   Curated Info


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20498628   Curated Info


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20305300   Curated Info


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20116089   Curated Info


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20160490   Curated Info


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19574224   Curated Info


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19351595   Curated Info


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19091954   Curated Info


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18983824   Curated Info


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18995830   Curated Info


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18606783   Curated Info


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18593910   Curated Info


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18353973   Curated Info


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18272544   Curated Info


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18510930   Curated Info


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18449195   Curated Info


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18289945   Curated Info


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18045533   Curated Info


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17526493   Curated Info


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17242188   Curated Info


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16963448   Curated Info


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15916964   Curated Info


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12588868   Curated Info


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11390642   Curated Info

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