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eIF4G (human) S1092-p FAPGGRLsWGKGSSG 1, 2
eIF4G iso3 (human) S1052-p FAPGGRLsWGKGSSG
eIF4G iso8 (human) S1093-p FAPGGRLsWGKGSSG
eIF4G (mouse) S1096-p FAPGGRLsWGKGSSG
eIF4G iso2 (mouse) S1082-p FAPGGRLsWGKGSSG
eIF4G (rabbit) S896-p FAPGGRLsWGKGSSG



Dobrikov MI, Shveygert M, Brown MC, Gromeier M (2014) Mitotic phosphorylation of eukaryotic initiation factor 4G1 (eIF4G1) at Ser1232 by Cdk1:cyclin B inhibits eIF4A helicase complex binding with RNA. Mol Cell Biol 34, 439-51
24248602   Curated Info


Dobrikov M, Dobrikova E, Shveygert M, Gromeier M (2011) Phosphorylation of Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4G1 (eIF4G1) by Protein Kinase C{alpha} Regulates eIF4G1 Binding to Mnk1. Mol Cell Biol 31, 2947-59
21576361   Curated Info

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