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SREBP-1 (human) K123-sm FsPGPGIkEESVPLS Links 2, 3
SREBP-1 iso1 (rat) K98-sm FSPGPGIkEEPVPLT Links 1



Lee GY, et al. (2014) PIASy-Mediated Sumoylation of SREBP1c Regulates Hepatic Lipid Metabolism upon Fasting Signaling. Mol Cell Biol 34, 926-38
24379443   Curated Info


Arito M, et al. (2008) Growth factor-induced phosphorylation of sterol regulatory element-binding proteins inhibits sumoylation, thereby stimulating the expression of their target genes, low density lipoprotein uptake, and lipid synthesis. J Biol Chem 283, 15224-31
18403372   Curated Info


Hirano Y, et al. (2003) Sterol regulatory element-binding proteins are negatively regulated through SUMO-1 modification independent of the ubiquitin/26 S proteasome pathway. J Biol Chem 278, 16809-19
12615929   Curated Info

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