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Phosphorylation Site Page:
Ser535 - NFkB-p65 (rat)

Site Information
SGDEDFSsIADMDFS   SwissProt Entrez-Gene
Predicted information:  Scansite
Orthologous residues: NFkB‑p65 (human): S536, NFkB‑p65 (mouse): S534
Blast this site against: NCBI  SwissProt  PDB 
Site Group ID: 447800

In vivo Characterization
Methods used to characterize site in vivo: mutation of modification site (3), phospho-antibody (3, 4, 5, 6, 7), western blotting (3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
Disease tissue studied: colorectal cancer (6, 7), colorectal carcinoma (6, 7), liver cancer (3)
Relevant cell line - cell type - tissue: 293 (epithelial) (5), aorta (4), CMT-93 (intestinal) (7), HCT116 (intestinal) (6), HepG2 (hepatic) (3), HT-29 (intestinal) (6), intestine (7), liver (3), vascular smooth muscle cell ('muscle, smooth') (4, 5)

Controlled by
Regulatory protein: IKKB (rat) (5), RHOA (human) (4)
Putative upstream phosphatases: PPP2CA (mouse) (7)
Treatments: 5-ASA (6), angiotensin (5), angiotensin_2 (3, 4), exoenzyme_C3 (4), glucosamine (2), PD98059 (5), PUGNAc (2), siRNA (5), status epilepticus (1), taurine_chloramine (6), TNF (2, 6), U0126 (5)



Ryu HJ, et al. (2011) ReLA/P65-serine 536 nuclear factor-kappa B phosphorylation is related to vulnerability to status epilepticus in the rat hippocampus. Neuroscience 187, 93-102
21550382   Curated Info


Xing D, et al. (2011) O-GlcNAc modification of NFκB p65 inhibits TNF-α-induced inflammatory mediator expression in rat aortic smooth muscle cells. PLoS One 6, e24021
21904602   Curated Info


Choudhary S, Lu M, Cui R, Brasier AR (2007) Involvement of a novel Rac/RhoA guanosine triphosphatase-nuclear factor-kappaB inducing kinase signaling pathway mediating angiotensin II-induced RelA transactivation. Mol Endocrinol 21, 2203-17
17595324   Curated Info


Cui R, et al. (2006) RhoA mediates angiotensin II-induced phospho-Ser536 nuclear factor kappaB/RelA subunit exchange on the interleukin-6 promoter in VSMCs. Circ Res 99, 723-30
16960103   Curated Info


Douillette A, et al. (2006) The proinflammatory actions of angiotensin II are dependent on p65 phosphorylation by the IkappaB kinase complex. J Biol Chem 281, 13275-84
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Kim H, et al. (2006) A molecular mechanism for the anti-inflammatory effect of taurine-conjugated 5-aminosalicylic acid in inflamed colon. Mol Pharmacol 69, 1405-12
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Ruiz PA, Kim SC, Sartor RB, Haller D (2004) 15-deoxy-delta12,14-prostaglandin J2-mediated ERK signaling inhibits gram-negative bacteria-induced RelA phosphorylation and interleukin-6 gene expression in intestinal epithelial cells through modulation of protein phosphatase 2A activity. J Biol Chem 279, 36103-11
15199053   Curated Info

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