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PubMed Id: 19737024 
Tweedie-Cullen RY, Reck JM, Mansuy IM (2009) Comprehensive mapping of post-translational modifications on synaptic, nuclear, and histone proteins in the adult mouse brain. J Proteome Res 8, 4966-82 19737024
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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AAK1 Aak1 Q3UHJ0 mouse 103,346 T618 457058 Phosphorylation GQKVGsLtPPssPKt
AAK1 Aak1 Q3UHJ0 mouse 103,346 S621 465737 Phosphorylation VGsLtPPssPKtQRA
AAK1 Aak1 Q3UHJ0 mouse 103,346 S674 453271 Phosphorylation KsATttPsGsPRTSQ
acinus Acin1 Q9JIX8 mouse 150,719 T417 453037 Phosphorylation QIVsEEEtPPPLLtK
ADD1 Add1 Q9QYC0 mouse 80,647 S12 481591 Phosphorylation TRAAVVtsPPPttAP
AIP1 Magi2 Q9WVQ1 mouse 140,919 S1013 485963 Phosphorylation IPQEELNsPTsAPSS
ALS2 Als2 Q920R0 mouse 182,566 S486 469915 Phosphorylation PGLLsQVsPRLLRKA
AP3D1 Ap3d1 O54774 mouse 135,081 S755 467455 Phosphorylation KGKRRHssLPtEsDE
APC1 Anapc1 P53995 mouse 215,994 S688 452953 Phosphorylation FDFEGsLsPVIAPKK
APRIN Pds5b Q4VA53 mouse 164,419 S1255 467467 Phosphorylation RKRGRtAsDsDEQQW
APRIN Pds5b Q4VA53 mouse 164,419 S1356 453843 Phosphorylation RAQQRAEsPEtsAVE
ArgBP2 Sorbs2 Q3UTJ2-2 mouse 145,012 S355 456903 Phosphorylation tDGLRsPsPPPRSCV
ARHGAP32 Arhgap32 Q811P8 mouse 229,719 S892 486227 Phosphorylation EKVVYAFsPKIGRKL
ARHGEF2 Arhgef2 Q60875 mouse 111,974 S646 485982 Phosphorylation RGLFRLEsFEsLRGE
atlastin Atl1 Q8BH66 mouse 63,377 S22 456624 Phosphorylation sEKssDWssEEEEPV
Bcl-11A Bcl11a Q9QYE3 mouse 83,855 T208 471811 Phosphorylation sEHGsPLtPRVGIPS
Bcl-2 Bcl2 P10417 mouse 26,407 S70 448395 Phosphorylation RDMAARtsPLRPLVA
BEGAIN Begain Q68EF6 mouse 65,309 S473 485844 Phosphorylation DKAEGRAsPLyATYK
BSN Bsn O88737 mouse 418,843 T1102 456580 Phosphorylation RRRERsKtPPsNLsP
BSN Bsn O88737 mouse 418,843 S2811 456573 Phosphorylation YsPVsPLsPHRLLDt
BUD13 Bud13 Q8R149 mouse 72,139 S174 470733 Phosphorylation RHDtPDPsPPRKARH
C1orf52 2410004B18Rik Q9CWU4 mouse 20,101 S156 467950 Phosphorylation EGEEtVEsDDDKDER
C2orf88 1700019D03Rik Q9CPS8 mouse 11,926 S40 487206 Phosphorylation ssQyRtPsPGEQQQV
CACNA1A Cacna1a P97445 mouse 267,647 S752 485911 Phosphorylation AKEVAEVsPLsAANM
CACNA1B Cacna1b O55017 mouse 261,481 S783 455282 Phosphorylation RLQNLRAsCEALYSE
CACNB4 Cacnb4 Q8R0S4 mouse 57,950 S38 487171 Phosphorylation RLKRSDGsTTstsFI
CAMK2A Camk2a P11798 mouse 54,115 T305 448802 Phosphorylation kLkGAILttMLAtRN
CAMK2A Camk2a P11798 mouse 54,115 T306 449596 Phosphorylation LkGAILttMLAtRNF
CAP2 Cap2 Q9CYT6 mouse 52,862 S300 476138 Phosphorylation RAQGQIRsPtKTHtP
CARHSP1 Carhsp1 Q9CR86 mouse 16,062 S31 467608 Phosphorylation TPRtRDRsPsPLRGN
CBX3 Cbx3 P23198 mouse 20,855 S97 465754 Phosphorylation KRKsLsDsEsDDsKS
CDK7 Cdk7 Q03147 mouse 38,968 S164 450041 Phosphorylation GLAKsFGsPNRAytH
CDS2 Cds2 Q99L43 mouse 51,314 S32 487160 Phosphorylation KLDGEtAsDsEsRAE
CENPA Cenpa O35216 mouse 15,509 S15 28029698 Phosphorylation QTPRRRPssPAPGPS
CRIK Cit P49025 mouse 235,389 S479 481129 Phosphorylation TRLHRRVsEVEAVLS
CRK Crk Q64010 mouse 33,815 S41 454189 Phosphorylation VFLVRDsstsPGDYV
CSRP1 Csrp1 P97315 mouse 20,583 S192 467707 Phosphorylation GAGALVHsE______
CTNND1 Ctnnd1 P30999 mouse 104,925 S349 456854 Phosphorylation HERGsLAsLDsLRkG
CTNND2 Ctnnd2 O35927 mouse 135,000 S1080 480948 Phosphorylation ySSSRtPsIsPVRVs
CTNND2 Ctnnd2 O35927 mouse 135,000 S1082 456905 Phosphorylation SSRtPsIsPVRVsPN
DDX24 Ddx24 Q9ESV0 mouse 96,429 S80 452946 Phosphorylation KRKAQAVsEEEEEEE
dematin Epb49 Q9WV69 mouse 45,468 S92 456372 Phosphorylation sLsPKstsPPPsPEV
DGKB Dgkb Q6NS52 mouse 90,272 T117 456908 Phosphorylation RMNKGAItPPRSSPA
DNAJC5 Dnajc5 P60904 mouse 22,101 S10 448129 Phosphorylation DQRQRsLstsGEsLy
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 S510 467757 Phosphorylation TRKPAsVsPttPtsP
DNCLI1 Dync1li1 Q8R1Q8 mouse 56,614 T515 467758 Phosphorylation sVsPttPtsPtEGEA
DYN1 Dnm1 P39053 mouse 97,803 S512 478280 Phosphorylation QMNKKKtsGNQDEIL
EIF4B Eif4b Q8BGD9 mouse 68,840 S497 483188 Phosphorylation NPPARsQssDtEQPs
ENO1 Eno1 P17182 mouse 47,141 S263 486228 Phosphorylation kYDLDFksPDDPsRy
EPB41L2 Epb41l2 O70318 mouse 109,940 S86 476006 Phosphorylation PWLKKQRsyNLVVAK
EPB41L3 Epb41l3 Q9WV92 mouse 103,338 T600 483500 Phosphorylation EWEKRLstsPVRLAA
EPS15R Eps15l1 Q60902 mouse 99,309 S229 449259 Phosphorylation AVPVLPAsPPPKDsL
FAM131B Fam131b Q3TY60 mouse 35,958 S117 456663 Phosphorylation tDAysDLsDGEkEAR
FAM73B Fam73b Q8BK03 mouse 65,548 S276 485597 Phosphorylation MLPLtEGsLRLRADD
FETUA Ahsg P29699 mouse 37,326 S314 467425 Phosphorylation VAsVEsAsGEtLHsP
G3BP-2 G3bp2 P97379 mouse 54,088 S225 467931 Phosphorylation LEELEEKsAtPPPAE
GluR2 Gria2 P23819 mouse 98,662 S880 448351 Phosphorylation YNVyGIEsVKI____
H1C Hist1h1c P15864 mouse 21,267 S36 450120 Phosphorylation AGVRRkAsGPPVsEL
H1C Hist1h1c P15864 mouse 21,267 K137 482824 Acetylation kPAGAAkkPKKATGA
H1D Hist1h1d P43277 mouse 22,100 T18 476079 Phosphorylation APAPVEktPVKKkAK
H1E Hist1h1e P43274 mouse 21,977 K46 486625 Ubiquitylation PVsELITkAVAASkE
H1E Hist1h1e P43274 mouse 21,977 K136 482363 Acetylation kkPAGAAkkPKKAAG
H1E Hist1h1e P43274 mouse 21,977 S187 458354 Phosphorylation KAKKAPKsPAKAKTV
H2B Hist1h2bn P10853 mouse 13,936 K21 465512 Acetylation GskkAVTkAQkkDGK
H2B1A Hist1h2ba P70696 mouse 14,237 K110 482378 Acetylation LLPGELAkHAVsEGt
H2B1C Hist1h2bc Q6ZWY9 mouse 13,906 K16 458913 Acetylation PAPkkGSkkAVTkAQ
H2B1C Hist1h2bc Q6ZWY9 mouse 13,906 K17 466569 Acetylation APkkGSkkAVTkAQk
H2B1C Hist1h2bc Q6ZWY9 mouse 13,906 K121 482344 Acetylation EGtkAVTkYTSSk__
H2B1H Hist2h2bb Q64525 mouse 13,920 K121 486958 Ubiquitylation EGtkAVTkYTSSk__
H2B1L Hist2h2be Q64524 mouse 13,993 K12 480242 Acetylation AKSAPAPkkGSkkAV
H2B1L Hist2h2be Q64524 mouse 13,993 K25 480261 Acetylation AVTkAQkkDGKKRKR
H2B1N Hist1h2bb Q64475 mouse 13,952 K47 486790 Ubiquitylation VyVykVLkQVHPDTG
H2B2E Hist1h2bh Q64478 mouse 13,920 K121 486956 Ubiquitylation EGtkAVTkYTSSk__
H3 Hist1h3a P68433 mouse 15,273 K9 463820 Acetylation RtkQTARkstGGkAP
H3 Hist1h3a P68433 mouse 15,273 K18 465520 Acetylation tGGkAPrkQLATkAA
H3 iso3 H3f3b P84244 mouse 15,197 K36 466364 Acetylation APSTGGVkkPHrYRP
HMGN1 Hmgn1 P18608 mouse 10,152 S7 447788 Phosphorylation _MPKRKVsADGAAkA
INO80C Ino80c Q8BHA0 mouse 20,405 S26 472054 Phosphorylation NSKKRPAsPsHNSSG
IRSp53 Baiap2 Q8BKX1 mouse 59,237 S326 456909 Phosphorylation AAQPKsLsPPQSQSK
IWS1 Iws1 Q8C1D8 mouse 85,248 S343 453551 Phosphorylation KRKAAVLsDsEDDAG
KCTD12 Kctd12 Q6WVG3 mouse 35,892 S187 476466 Phosphorylation tLELAsRsPsGGAAG
KIAA1549 Kiaa1549 Q68FD9 mouse 209,221 S1543 481243 Phosphorylation FPVVDDLssGDTKER
KIF3A Kif3a P28741 mouse 80,170 S689 454304 Phosphorylation KMGRRKRsAKPEtVI
KPNA3 Kpna3 O35344 mouse 57,773 S60 469632 Phosphorylation QEEsLEDsDVDADFK
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 S390 452605 Phosphorylation EEERLRLsPsPtsQR
lamin A/C Lmna P48678 mouse 74,238 T394 460929 Phosphorylation LRLsPsPtsQRsRGR
LEDGF Psip1 Q99JF8 mouse 59,697 S274 457051 Phosphorylation GVtstsDsEDEDDQE
liprin alpha 2 Ppfia2 Q8BSS9 mouse 143,234 S774 481395 Phosphorylation ATIKCETsPPPtPRA
LRRC7 Lrrc7 Q80TE7 mouse 166,901 S1392 481330 Phosphorylation IQTKGQRsMDGYPEQ
LYST Lyst P97412 mouse 425,287 S2099 481139 Phosphorylation AQMVrsRsLPAFPTY
MAP1A Map1a Q9QYR6 mouse 300,140 S385 481176 Phosphorylation ERVRtEssEALkAEk
MAP1A Map1a Q9QYR6 mouse 300,140 S527 456400 Phosphorylation HRELALssPEDLtQD
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S828 456415 Phosphorylation EAERsLMssPEDLtK
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1497 454144 Phosphorylation RKLGGDVsPtQIDVS
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1781 456410 Phosphorylation LsPksDIsPLtPREs
MAP1B Map1b P14873 mouse 270,255 S1788 481040 Phosphorylation sPLtPREssPLysPG
MBP iso10 Mbp P04370-10 mouse 20,814 T96 450929 Phosphorylation KNIVtPRtPPPSQGK
MED1 Med1 Q925J9 mouse 167,141 T1051 452438 Phosphorylation GSSGRSQtPPGVAtP
mGluR5 Grm5 Q3UVX5 mouse 131,865 T840 450487 Phosphorylation RSAFTTstVVRMHVG
MLP Marcksl1 P28667 mouse 20,165 T85 476185 Phosphorylation GEVAPKEtPKKKKKF

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