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PubMed Id: 19594485 
Schwer B, et al. (2009) Calorie restriction alters mitochondrial protein acetylation. Aging Cell 8, 604-6 19594485
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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1700029H14Rik 1700029H14Rik Q9D4A4 mouse 24,280 K103 3292246 Acetylation EVEKMDLkCAkMDPE
AASS Aass Q99K67 mouse 102,975 K52 3814026 Acetylation kHIkGITkLGYkVLI
ABCD3 Abcd3 P55096 mouse 75,475 K533 479698 Acetylation PDGkEDQkkRGIsDQ
ACAA1b Acaa1b Q8VCH0 mouse 43,995 K237 1186943 Acetylation VLNDkGDkkTITVsQ
ACAD11 Acad11 Q80XL6 mouse 87,366 K78 3813920 Acetylation PPGSLLPkAHkIDRE
ACAD11 Acad11 Q80XL6 mouse 87,366 K87 3813930 Acetylation HkIDREFkIQkALFS
ACADL Acadl P51174 mouse 47,908 K358 1204104 Acetylation CLQLHETkRLDsGSA
ACADM Acadm P45952 mouse 46,481 K178 1194883 Acetylation AIkTkAEkkGDEYVI
ACADM Acadm P45952 mouse 46,481 K420 1192504 Acetylation REHIEkYkN______
ACAT1 Acat1 Q8QZT1 mouse 44,816 K304 1186915 Acetylation AAQRLNVkPLARIAA
ACO2 Aco2 Q99KI0 mouse 85,464 K520 459130 Acetylation FLTGkDGkkFkLEAP
ACOT1 Acot1 O55137 mouse 46,136 K42 1193991 Acetylation RSVLRDEkGALFRAH
ACOT3 Acot3 Q9QYR7 mouse 47,490 K53 3292282 Acetylation RSVLRDEkGALFRAH
ACOT8 Acot8 P58137 mouse 35,827 K319 1194977 Acetylation KPQVSESkL______
ACOX1 Acox1 Q9R0H0 mouse 74,649 K89 461313 Acetylation PEEIMWFkkLHMVNF
ACOX1 Acox1 Q9R0H0 mouse 74,649 K260 1187287 Acetylation LMkYAQVkPDGTYVk
ACSL1 Acsl1 P41216 mouse 77,951 K387 1190999 Acetylation GQANTsLkRWLLDFA
ACSM1 Acsm1 Q91VA0 mouse 64,760 K200 1186971 Acetylation LDFCSLIkSAsPDHT
ACSM1 Acsm1 Q91VA0 mouse 64,760 K534 1186979 Acetylation kELQHHVkSVTAPYk
ACTA1 Acta1 P68134 mouse 42,051 K330 3814664 Acetylation APstMkIkIIAPPER
ACTA2 Acta2 P62737 mouse 42,009 K330 3846030 Acetylation APstMkIkIIAPPER
ACTG1 Actg1 P63260 mouse 41,793 K61 466400 Acetylation VGDEAQskRGILtLK
ACTG1 Actg1 P63260 mouse 41,793 K328 3814691 Acetylation APstMkIkIIAPPER
ACTG2 Actg2 P63268 mouse 41,877 K329 3846034 Acetylation APstMkIkIIAPPER
AGPAT2 Agpat2 Q8K3K7 mouse 31,011 K85 3816032 Acetylation FEVSGQkkLEVDGPC
AGXT Agxt O35423 mouse 45,912 K334 1186313 Acetylation MGLkFFVkDPEIRLP
AK3 Ak3 Q9WTP7 mouse 25,426 K29 1194463 Acetylation tVSSRITkHFELkHL
AKR7A2 Akr7a2 Q8CG76 mouse 40,612 K136 1186883 Acetylation SQLETSLkRLQCPRV
ALDH4A1 Aldh4a1 Q8CHT0 mouse 61,841 K401 467136 Acetylation KAFARIKkWLEHARS
AMACR Amacr O09174 mouse 41,704 K57 1186309 Acetylation RSLALDLkRSQGVTV
AMACR Amacr O09174 mouse 41,704 K276 1193977 Acetylation KFADVFAkKTKAEWC
ANGPTL6 Angptl6 Q8R0Z6 mouse 51,095 K37 3292558 Acetylation TLVLSPQkATSAVCR
ASH1L Ash1l Q99MY8 mouse 331,333 K1345 3815567 Acetylation YIRKPDLkKKRGRPP
ataxin-2L Atxn2l Q7TQH0 mouse 110,649 K576 3862868 Acetylation PFPSRILkEEAKGKE
ATP5A1 Atp5a1 Q03265 mouse 59,753 K239 466472 Acetylation FNDGtDEkkkLyCIy
ATP5A1 Atp5a1 Q03265 mouse 59,753 K531 466473 Acetylation GNIRsDGkIsEQSDA
ATP5A1 Atp5a1 Q03265 mouse 59,753 K539 461705 Acetylation IsEQSDAkLkEIVTN
ATP5C Atp5c1 Q91VR2 mouse 32,886 K138 3283369 Acetylation VGVGEKIkGILYRTH
ATP5C Atp5c1 Q91VR2 mouse 32,886 K154 480868 Acetylation DQFLVSFkDVGRKPP
ATP5F1 Atp5f1 Q9CQQ7 mouse 28,949 K225 467157 Acetylation WVEkHVVksIsVQQE
ATP5H Atp5h Q9DCX2 mouse 18,749 K149 466469 Acetylation ETkLDkkkyPyWPHQ
ATP5O Atp5o Q9DB20 mouse 23,364 K54 3283339 Acetylation SAASkEkkLDQVEkE
ATP5O Atp5o Q9DB20 mouse 23,364 K70 467176 Acetylation LRVGQLLkDPkVsLA
ATP5O Atp5o Q9DB20 mouse 23,364 K162 461458 Acetylation sELkTVLkSFLsPNQ
BCKDH E1-alpha Bckdha P50136 mouse 50,371 K353 1187708 Acetylation DEVNyWDkQDHPISR
BIRC1 Naip1 Q9QWK5 mouse 158,724 K143 3816068 Acetylation GKYDIRVkSPEKMLR
C12orf4 D6Wsu163e Q91YN0 mouse 63,644 K302 3816063 Acetylation MLDFCkHkRTHGSGV
C1QBP C1qbp O35658 mouse 31,013 K175 461284 Acetylation EVTKTDGkkTLVLDC
C21orf33 D10Jhu81e Q9D172 mouse 28,090 K231 1187139 Acetylation TEAHVDQkNKVVTTP
Calmodulin Calm1 P62204 mouse 16,838 K14 1260164 Acetylation EEQIAEFkEAFsLFD
Calreticulin Calr P14211 mouse 47,995 K375 1190501 Acetylation kEEEEDkkRKEEEEA
CBX4 Cbx4 O55187 mouse 60,523 K249 3814552 Acetylation TGNGIGGkMKIVKNK
CCNG2 Ccng2 O08918 mouse 38,848 K266 3815398 Acetylation RCCKPDLkKLVWIVS
CLYBL Clybl Q8R4N0 mouse 37,549 K55 480875 Acetylation YVPGNDEkkIRKIPS
COPA Copa Q8CIE6 mouse 138,432 K480 3815515 Acetylation TLFDVQQkRTLASVK
COX17 Cox17 P56394 mouse 6,784 K30 482422 Acetylation CCACPETkkARDACI
CPS1 Cps1 Q8C196 mouse 164,618 K44 1186839 Acetylation RLLSVKAktAHIVLE
CPS1 Cps1 Q8C196 mouse 164,618 K214 1191759 Acetylation kDVkVFGkGNPtkVV
CPS1 Cps1 Q8C196 mouse 164,618 K287 467127 Acetylation kILEsDRkEPLFGIS
CPS1 Cps1 Q8C196 mouse 164,618 K522 479683 Acetylation NCGVELFkRGVLkEY
CPS1 Cps1 Q8C196 mouse 164,618 K527 467125 Acetylation LFkRGVLkEYGVkVL
CPS1 Cps1 Q8C196 mouse 164,618 K892 467130 Acetylation LNMDkTLkGLNsDsV
CPS1 Cps1 Q8C196 mouse 164,618 K1387 1187704 Acetylation QLHNEGFkLFATEAT
CPS1 Cps1 Q8C196 mouse 164,618 K1479 1187703 Acetylation LFAEAVQksRTVDSk
CROT Crot Q9DC50 mouse 70,264 K64 1194405 Acetylation kFQEGAGkRLHQkLL
CTMP Them4 Q3UUI3 mouse 26,031 K65 1186669 Acetylation KCEDGSWkRMPSHRQ
CYB5A Cyb5a P56395 mouse 15,241 K7 3283255 Acetylation _MAGQsDkDVkyYTL
CYCS Cycs P62897 mouse 11,605 K28 1186601 Acetylation VEKGGKHktGPNLHG
CYCS Cycs P62897 mouse 11,605 K100 1190505 Acetylation ADLIAyLkkATNE__
CYP2J5 Cyp2j5 O54749 mouse 57,784 K444 1186325 Acetylation FLPFSMGkRACLGEQ
DBT Dbt P53395 mouse 53,247 K304 1186533 Acetylation VALARGIkLSFMPFF
DDX5 Ddx5 Q61656 mouse 69,290 K32 466258 Acetylation RTGPLSGkKFGNPGE
DECR2 Decr2 Q9WV68 mouse 31,300 K78 3283290 Acetylation KLVAATGkRCLPLSM
DLD Dld O08749 mouse 54,272 K104 1186297 Acetylation YYHMAHGkDFASRGI
DLST Dlst Q9D2G2 mouse 48,995 K278 480898 Acetylation FLkkHNLkLGFMsAF
DMGDH Dmgdh Q9DBT9 mouse 97,255 K469 1195974 Acetylation QRVSGLYkTLKSKCS
DNAJB8 Dnajb8 Q9QYI7 mouse 25,230 K219 7813482 Acetylation RSVTVNGkEkLMRVD
DOCK7 Dock7 Q8R1A4 mouse 241,438 K1952 466781 Acetylation GELHEQFkRKtILTT
DPY19L4 Dpy19l4 A2AJQ3 mouse 83,604 K448 3863522 Acetylation RRMSGKSkKETVTLE
ECHS1 Echs1 Q8BH95 mouse 31,474 K101 467120 Acetylation FAAGADIkEMQNRTF
EFTU Tufm Q8BFR5 mouse 49,508 K256 461228 Acetylation VPTRDLDkPFLLPVE
EHHADH Ehhadh Q9DBM2 mouse 78,301 K355 3284928 Acetylation kSGQASAkPNLRFSS
EPHX2 Ephx2 P34914 mouse 62,515 K508 1186473 Acetylation EMSkNMEkWIPFLkR
ETFDH Etfdh Q921G7 mouse 68,091 K356 1187023 Acetylation QPTLEGGkRIAYGAR
ETHE1 Ethe1 Q9DCM0 mouse 27,739 K32 3811411 Acetylation LRQMFEPkSCTYTYL
GCAT Gcat O88986 mouse 44,931 K380 1186333 Acetylation FSYPVVPkGKARIRV
gephyrin Gphn Q8BUV3 mouse 83,282 K699 3811184 Acetylation ARLSCDVkLDPRPEY
GLUD1 Glud1 P26443 mouse 61,337 K90 1186425 Acetylation DkLVEDLkTREsEEQ
GLUD1 Glud1 P26443 mouse 61,337 K503 461125 Acetylation RIsGAsEkDIVHsGL
GLUD1 Glud1 P26443 mouse 61,337 K527 461126 Acetylation QIMRTAMkYNLGLDL
GOT2 Got2 P05202 mouse 47,411 K302 479485 Acetylation CkDAEEAkRVESQLk
GOT2 Got2 P05202 mouse 47,411 K430 479568 Acetylation HAIHQVTk_______
GPX1 Gpx1 P11352 mouse 22,329 K86 461151 Acetylation FGHQENGkNEEILNS
GRP58 Pdia3 P27773 mouse 56,678 K129 1186437 Acetylation DGIVSHLkKQAGPAs
GRP94 Hsp90b1 P08113 mouse 92,476 K473 3815988 Acetylation RKTLDMIkKIADEkY
GSTK1 Gstk1 Q9DCM2 mouse 25,704 K93 467181 Acetylation DFFGETVkkGSINAM
GSTM2 Gstm7 Q80W21 mouse 25,710 K192 15102508 Acetylation IARFEGLkKISDYMK
GSTM5 Gstm2 P15626 mouse 25,717 K192 1186393 Acetylation MGRFEGLkKISDYMk
H2AFV H2afv Q3THW5 mouse 13,509 K5 3830927 Acetylation ___MAGGkAGkDSGk
H2AFV H2afv Q3THW5 mouse 13,509 K8 480255 Acetylation MAGGkAGkDSGkAkA

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