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PubMed Id: 19690332 
Mayya V, et al. (2009) Quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of T cell receptor signaling reveals system-wide modulation of protein-protein interactions. Sci Signal 2, ra46 19690332
This page summarizes selected information from the record referenced above and curated into PhosphoSitePlus®, a comprehensive online resource for the study of protein post-translational modifications (NAR, 2012,40:D261-70). To learn more about the scope of PhosphoSitePlus®, click here.
Only 100 sites from this record are displayed on this page. Click on the protein name to open the protein page, and on the RSD number to open the site page. For the complete dataset, click the download button, on the right.
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4E-BP1 EIF4EBP1 Q13541 human 12,580 T46 447496 Phosphorylation GGtLFsttPGGtRII
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S294 452378 Phosphorylation sGLQIQKsPEPEVLs
53BP1 TP53BP1 Q12888 human 213,574 S1028 452376 Phosphorylation AVAEsVAsPQKtMsV
abLIM ABLIM1 O14639 human 87,688 S431 451847 Phosphorylation GEsPRtLsPtPsAEG
acinus ACIN1 Q9UKV3 human 151,862 S240 453028 Phosphorylation QARAAkLsEGsQPAE
ACLY ACLY P53396 human 120,839 Y682 450360 Phosphorylation sRtTDGVyEGVAIGG
AF-4 AFF1 P51825 human 131,422 S206 452714 Phosphorylation sPLIsLPsPVPPLsP
Afadin MLLT4 P55196 human 206,804 S1182 451906 Phosphorylation NVANQPPsPGGKsAy
AHNAK AHNAK Q09666 human 629,101 S5749 452763 Phosphorylation DLKsskAsLGsLEGE
AML1 RUNX1 Q01196 human 48,737 S21 452744 Phosphorylation tPPstALsPGkMSEA
AML1 RUNX1 Q01196 human 48,737 S266 454400 Phosphorylation QYLGsIAsPsVHPAt
anillin ANLN Q9NQW6 human 124,199 S485 453249 Phosphorylation QGVSKtQsLPVTEKV
APC1 ANAPC1 Q9H1A4 human 216,500 S547 455831 Phosphorylation PLsKLLGsLDEVVLL
APC1 ANAPC1 Q9H1A4 human 216,500 S688 452953 Phosphorylation FDFEGsLsPVIAPkK
ARID1A ARID1A O14497 human 242,045 S604 456304 Phosphorylation FPPPQELsQDsFGSQ
AS160 TBC1D4 O60343 human 146,563 S570 455923 Phosphorylation AKRsLtssLENIFSr
B-Myb MYBL2 P10244 human 78,764 T405 450108 Phosphorylation VGGSGIGtPPSVLKR
BARD1 BARD1 Q99728 human 86,648 S391 455774 Phosphorylation SDEFISLsPGtPPSt
BAT3 BAG6 P46379 human 119,409 S973 452697 Phosphorylation EPQRENAsPAPGttA
Bright ARID3A Q99856 human 62,889 S81 449136 Phosphorylation HPAsPGGsEDGPPGs
BUD13 BUD13 Q9BRD0 human 70,521 S325 449288 Phosphorylation yEyDPDIsPPRKKQA
Calnexin CANX P27824 human 67,568 S564 456360 Phosphorylation EEDGGtVsQEEEDRK
capicua CIC Q96RK0 human 163,820 S1409 453485 Phosphorylation sAPEDPtsPKRKMRR
CCNL1 CCNL1 Q9UK58 human 59,634 S335 449134 Phosphorylation LstLGGFsPAsKPss
CCNL1 CCNL1 Q9UK58 human 59,634 S355 453268 Phosphorylation AEEKsPIsINVKTVK
CD3Z CD247 P20963 human 18,696 Y64 448935 Phosphorylation RsADAPAyQQGQNQL
CDK1 CDK1 P06493 human 34,095 T14 447608 Phosphorylation IEkIGEGtyGVVykG
CLN3 CLN3 Q13286 human 47,623 S14 452796 Phosphorylation SRRRFsDsEGEEtVP
Cortactin CTTN Q14247 human 61,586 S405 447700 Phosphorylation KtQtPPVsPAPQPtE
CtIP RBBP8 Q99708 human 101,942 S327 452473 Phosphorylation ELPtRVssPVFGATS
CTNNA1 CTNNA1 P35221 human 100,071 T658 454161 Phosphorylation RsRtsVQtEDDQLIA
CTPS CTPS1 P17812 human 66,690 S575 449144 Phosphorylation sDRsGsssPDsEItE
DBC-1 CCAR2 Q8N163 human 102,902 S678 453497 Phosphorylation sEVRsVAsNQsEMEF
DDX16 DHX16 O60231 human 119,264 S103 449223 Phosphorylation SYRLLEDsEEssEET
DDX21 DDX21 Q9NR30 human 87,344 T315 449349 Phosphorylation GIDILVGtPGRIKDH
DDX41 DDX41 Q9UJV9 human 69,838 S23 453022 Phosphorylation VPAGGsRsEAEDEDD
DDX42 DDX42 Q86XP3 human 102,975 S185 453500 Phosphorylation EDNLEyDsDGNPIAP
DGKA DGKA P23743 human 82,630 Y623 459255 Phosphorylation RRPHGDIyGINQALG
DOCK2 DOCK2 Q92608 human 211,948 Y212 449008 Phosphorylation DQPdyAMysRISSsP
DOCK7 DOCK7 Q96N67 human 242,561 S910 452914 Phosphorylation DIsGtPtsPDDEVRs
DRIM UTP20 O75691 human 318,385 T1741 453515 Phosphorylation sDNGQPGtPDPADSG
dyskerin DKC1 O60832 human 57,674 S494 452559 Phosphorylation AEPGDGDsDttKKKK
eIF2-alpha EIF2S1 P05198 human 36,112 S52 447635 Phosphorylation MILLsELsRRRIRsI
EIF4B EIF4B P23588 human 69,151 S597 454191 Phosphorylation AsKyAALsVDGEDEN
EIF5B EIF5B O60841 human 138,827 S113 452562 Phosphorylation QsFDDNDsEELEDKD
EIF5B EIF5B O60841 human 138,827 S137 456859 Phosphorylation KVEMysGsDDDDDFN
ENSA ENSA O43768 human 13,389 S67 455934 Phosphorylation KGQkyFDsGDyNMAk
Ets-1 ETS1 P14921 human 50,408 Y283 449428 Phosphorylation sLQRVPsyDsFDsED
Ets-1 ETS1 P14921 human 50,408 S285 449318 Phosphorylation QRVPsyDsFDsEDyP
EZH2 EZH2 Q15910 human 85,363 T487 452848 Phosphorylation APAEDVDtPPRKKKR
FAM122B FAM122B Q7Z309 human 26,928 S119 455402 Phosphorylation tPVsPAPsPtrGFGK
FANCD2 FANCD2 Q9BXW9 human 164,128 S592 453230 Phosphorylation MAADRsEsPsLtQER
FLI FLII Q13045 human 144,751 S856 452779 Phosphorylation NAEAVLQsPGLsGkV
G3BP-1 G3BP1 Q13283 human 52,164 S230 455386 Phosphorylation APEDAQKsssPAPAD
GATAD2A GATAD2A Q86YP4 human 68,063 S100 453704 Phosphorylation KSERRPPsPDVIVLs
GATAD2B GATAD2B Q8WXI9 human 65,261 S129 453208 Phosphorylation sPDIIVLsDNEAssP
GCFC PAXBP1 Q9Y5B6 human 104,804 S557 453070 Phosphorylation ADHLEGLssDDEEtS
girdin CCDC88A Q3V6T2 human 216,042 S1702 454194 Phosphorylation SVQIKSSsQENLLDE
GIT1 GIT1 Q9Y2X7 human 84,341 Y598 454381 Phosphorylation GsGADsDyENtQsGD
GRK5 GRK5 P34947 human 67,787 T485 451512 Phosphorylation LDIEQFstVKGVNLD
GTF2F1 GTF2F1 P35269 human 58,240 S218 456994 Phosphorylation EDDLEMssDAsDAsG
GTF2F1 GTF2F1 P35269 human 58,240 S221 456995 Phosphorylation LEMssDAsDAsGEEG
H1E HIST1H1E P10412 human 21,865 S36 456059 Phosphorylation GAAkRkAsGPPVsEL
HDAC1 HDAC1 Q13547 human 55,103 S421 447912 Phosphorylation IACEEEFsDsEEEGE
HIRIP3 HIRIP3 Q9BW71 human 61,957 S223 452478 Phosphorylation GTKsLKEsEQEsEEE
HIRIP3 HIRIP3 Q9BW71 human 61,957 S227 449170 Phosphorylation LKEsEQEsEEEILAQ
HMGA1 HMGA1 P17096 human 11,676 S103 452255 Phosphorylation EGIsQEssEEEQ___
HN1 HN1 Q9UK76 human 16,015 T54 449376 Phosphorylation MAsNIFGtPEENQAs
hnRNP A1 HNRNPA1 P09651 human 38,747 S364 455936 Phosphorylation yGGssssssyGsGrr
hnRNP A3 HNRNPA3 P51991 human 39,595 Y360 455009 Phosphorylation GrssGsPyGGGyGsG
hnRNP A3 HNRNPA3 P51991 human 39,595 Y373 454702 Phosphorylation sGGGsGGyGsrrF__
hnRNP H1 HNRNPH1 P31943 human 49,229 S23 452284 Phosphorylation RGLPWsCsADEVQRF
HS1 HCLS1 P14317 human 54,014 S275 456727 Phosphorylation RKAVtKRsPEAPQPV
IRS1 IRS1 P35568 human 131,591 S348 447560 Phosphorylation sVDGsPVsPstNRTH
IWS1 IWS1 Q96ST2 human 91,955 S287 453509 Phosphorylation DPPRNQAsDsENEEL
JADE3 PHF16 Q92613 human 93,808 S566 454755 Phosphorylation EtDQQPHsPDSSSSV
JNK1 MAPK8 P45983 human 48,296 T183 447643 Phosphorylation AGtsFMMtPyVVtRY
KLC4 KLC4 Q9NSK0 human 68,640 S590 454355 Phosphorylation SNMKRAAsLNyLNQP
LARP LARP1 Q6PKG0 human 123,510 T526 453638 Phosphorylation PGsPRAVtPVPtKTE
Lck LCK P06239 human 58,001 Y505 447823 Phosphorylation FTAtEGQyQPQP___
LDH-A LDHA P00338 human 36,689 Y10 454712 Phosphorylation TLkDQLIyNLLkEEQ
MAP1A MAP1A P78559 human 305,485 S900 456391 Phosphorylation GtIsPtssLEEDKGF
MAP1A MAP1A P78559 human 305,485 S1654 456394 Phosphorylation VQEWQEtsPtREEPA
MAP4 MAP4 P27816 human 121,005 T571 452282 Phosphorylation LtLANNVtPAkDVPP
matrin 3 MATR3 P43243 human 94,623 S208 452690 Phosphorylation DyDHGsRsQEsGyyD
MCM2 MCM2 P49736 human 101,896 S41 452312 Phosphorylation RtDALtssPGRDLPP
MDC1 MDC1 Q14676 human 226,666 S168 453668 Phosphorylation RLLLAEDsEEEVDFL
MIOS MIOS Q9NXC5 human 98,584 S766 453878 Phosphorylation sQyGVsGsPtKsKVt
N-CoR1 NCOR1 O75376 human 270,210 S158 452574 Phosphorylation GKHEAPssPIsGQPC
N-CoR1 NCOR1 O75376 human 270,210 S1977 452576 Phosphorylation SDAIEVIsPAssPAP
NACA NACA E9PAV3 human 205,422 S2029 454186 Phosphorylation tPtVQEEsEEEEVDE
NDRG1 NDRG1 Q92597 human 42,835 T366 454246 Phosphorylation GtRsRsHtsEGAHLD
NFkB-p105 NFKB1 P19838 human 105,356 S903 455617 Phosphorylation KTTsQAHsLPLsPAs
NFYA NFYA P23511 human 36,877 Y266 459298 Phosphorylation MLEEEPLyVNAKQYH
NHE1 SLC9A1 P19634 human 90,763 S703 448347 Phosphorylation MsRARIGsDPLAyEP
NICE-4 UBAP2L Q14157 human 114,534 T844 449365 Phosphorylation IPFPtPttPLtGRdG
NSUN2 NSUN2 Q08J23 human 86,471 S751 453225 Phosphorylation PDAEEANsPDVtAGC
OTUD4 OTUD4 Q01804 human 124,044 S1023 451888 Phosphorylation VQRPkEEssEDENEV
PATL1 PATL1 Q86TB9 human 86,850 S179 453577 Phosphorylation ALPRRstsPIIGsPP
PCYT1A PCYT1A P49585 human 41,731 S347 451327 Phosphorylation GKtsPPCsPANLsRH

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